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Product Webinar: Navigating Privacy, Security and Consent Implementations with Salesforce Pardot

Featured Speakers:

Joel Odom, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce
Rahmaan Lodhia, Product Manager, Salesforce
Christopher Cornett, Product Management Senior Manager, Salesforce

The world of privacy, security and consent has changed drastically in the past few years following GDPR and it’s only going to get more complex with laws like CCPA and LGPD, and new web browser mandates around 1st party cookie tracking.

Marketers are now realizing that ensuring compliance with the current and future laws is now as much of a table stake as sending out emails in a timely manner!

Navigating these processes of course varies from business to business, but the consensus whether you are a large or a small company is that it’s frankly one of the most difficult and strategic implementations at hand.

But worry not, Salesforce and Pardot are here to discuss some of the tools, strategies, and assets that you have access to to help you navigate this new privacy-driven world!

Join us as our Pardot product leadership team discusses the ever evolving digital marketing landscape, what is top of mind for regarding privacy/security/consent, and how some of our customers are tackling these issues.

Join us to learn:

  • What is top of mind with peers in the Privacy/Security/Consent landscape

  • What technologies customers have today to help address growing concerns around privacy laws

  • How to navigate the changing landscape of browser privacy


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