Going for Growth: 3 ways Digital Coaching can Improve Manager and Employee Engagement and Increase Revenue

The challenges of a hybrid sales team have left leaders struggling. Coaching teams, particularly new sales reps, requires time and attention that fast-paced environments with moving revenue goals don’t always allow.

Better coaching leads to better performance and the right tools can help to create sustainable, time-saving and scalable models for long-term success. In this session we’ll discuss how effective sales coaching can increase top-line revenue by 20%. Live demos and use cases will also be shared to identify tools and methodologies that help sales managers successfully coach their team digitally.

We’ll explore answers to some of these most frequently asked questions:

  • How can you overcome the obstacles that get in the way of ramping a new rep to full productivity?
  • How do you identify where and when your reps need coaching today?
  • How do you turn your sellers into star performers?
  • How can you scale selling best practices across the organization to maximize results?

Because in 2021, we’re all #GoingForGrowth.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-667-6389.

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