CRM 101: What is Salesforce CRM?


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Having a CRM is one step closer to better business relationships.


Empower employees with data that takes customer relationships to a deeper level.

  • Give visibility to every opportunity or lead, showing a clear path from inquiries to sales
  • Learn your organization’s objectives through collected data
  • Modernize your record-keeping style to use your selling time efficiently
  • Build business clarity and strategy that can be implemented into day-to-day work

Bring multiple departments together and empower teams with the same data.

  • Improve employee productivity with a single source of truth
  • Create dashboards for all levels of the organization, from sales reps to the executive team
  • Manage and lead customer-centered journeys with a data-driven approach

Utilize customers’ data for the greater good.

  • Use real-time analytics to reach your customers at the right time
  • Observe your customers’ preferences and the context they engage with the most
  • Reduce mundane processes while increasing upsell opportunities

Managing customer relationships is critical to business success. See the numbers:



loyal customers



recommend the company



buy more products and services



purchase products frequently


See how businesses are leading the way with Sales Cloud.

Sharing customer data across all customer-facing employees and channels helps increase the speed of decision-making, and improves our ability to provide a much more customer-centric experience.”