Unifiez l'interface de vos agents et regroupez toutes les informations pertinentes (profils clients, historique des requêtes, tableaux de bord…) en un seul et même endroit !

Put all of the information your agents need to deliver fast service all in one place. Knowledge, subject matter experts, and customer profiles are all at the agent’s fingertips. Your customer service team is empowered to answer customer questions correctly the first time, anticipate customer needs, and deliver world-class customer service solutions every time.

Customers can expect the same smart, fast, personalized service regardless of the channel they use to reach out. Cases from every channel come into the agent console; where, agents can view a customer’s profile, purchasing history, and account information all in one place. Customers don’t have to repeat themselves and agents can anticipate their needs.

The dynamic, responsive layout of the dashboards in the console makes it easy for agents to put the information that they need front and center. The intuitive design of the Lightning Console is like a portal that puts all of the most frequently used actions right where your agents need them most.

Pour découvrir comment Salesforce révolutionne le service client, faites un essai gratuit du Service Cloud.  Vous pouvez aussi rejoindre la communauté Success – France et découvrir, grâce aux autres utilisateurs, comment elle peut améliorer votre activité.

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