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Design a Center of Excellence

Establish a center of excellence to better manage your Salesforce environment.

The Center of Excellence Accelerator will guide you through the process of establishing a center of excellence to better manage your Salesforce environment based on your current challenges.

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What it can do for you

  • Improve business/IT alignment
  • Improve process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduced release cycle time

How it works

Certified Specialists will guide you through the process over a predetermined timeframe (typically 3–4 weeks):


  • Study and analyze your current governance framework
  • Identify current challenges and business goals
  • Agree on quantifiable success goals


  • Assess and map out existing roles and responsibilities
  • Map out business process requirements


  • Published center of excellence charter, membership list, and communicate plan across key stakeholders
  • Identify skill gaps and associated plan of action
  • Defined map of primary processes, core responsibilities, and launch plan
  • 30-, 60-, and 90-day plan to implement the top processes to address your top challenges

Who should use it

Intended User

You want to effectively govern your Salesforce solutions.


  • Executive sponsor who will confirm business objectives and champion this initiative
  • Committed cross-functional resources for Salesforce rollout and ongoing change management
  • Top Salesforce challenges to be addressed by establishing the right framework

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