Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud Dashboard

Improve sales insights with a real-time view into opportunities

The Sales Cloud Dashboard Accelerator offers improved transparency and accountability, allowing real-time decision making that increases your pipeline and accelerates your sales cycle with a custom dashboard.

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What it can do for you

  • Focus on top deals through insights into your pipeline
  • Track the status of opportunities as they move through the sales cycle
  • Identify where resources should be directed to close critical deals
  • Streamline and automate data capture and reporting, increase data accuracy Benefit from a dashboard that’s completely customized to your business and built around your sales team needs.

How it works

Certified Specialists will guide you through the process over a predetermined timeframe (typically 3–4 weeks):


  • Help identifying critical data and the KPIs your business team demands
  • Discuss and review your current implementation and usage
  • Review and finalize measurable Success Criteria


  • Build Dashboard
  • Configure reports to meet specific needs


  • One dashboard with maximum 20 components or underlying reports
  • Review of learnings and recommendations

Who should use it

Intended User
Sales leaders and executives looking to make more informed business decisions through insights into rep performance, pipeline and sales cycle.


  • Must have direct selling model with a defined sales process and associated data in Sales Cloud
  • Sales executive sponsor to champion the engagement and confirm business objectives
  • Sys admin to lead configuration with guidance from Specialist
  • Access to appropriate Salesforce Org and data

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