Find your Chatter champions

Chatter needs support from leaders

Gaining executive support for your Chatter rollout is critical to helping employees understand the value it adds to your company. Finding individual Chatter champions is also critical. They’ll bring the Chatter conversation to life and show people great ways to use the application.

Executive Sponsors
Why you need an executive sponsor
The support of an executive who believes in Chatter means more people will adopt and use the application. The executive will lead the way in using Chatter and inspire others to do the same. The executive sponsor will also promote Chatter to the rest of the executive team and help fuel the excitement.

Who’s typically an executive sponsor?
Executive sponsors are often in senior roles, such as a CMO, CIO, VP of Sales, VP Customer Service, Head of HR, or even a CEO.

Internal Champions
Why it's important to find your internal Chatter champions
For ongoing success, it’s critical to find individual evangelists who love the technology and can act as torchbearers. These Chatter champions will help guide the way for other users who might be confused or apprehensive about using the application. The champions can also act as experts by answering questions and showing others how to use advanced functionality in groups, accounts, or mobile devices. Chatter champions post updates daily, which inspires others to use Chatter.

Who can be a Chatter champion? Anyone who's excited about Chatter and interested in using the application can be a Chatter champion. Typical Chatter champions are employees who are well-known or long-time employees at the company, employees with lots of expert knowledge, or employees in social media roles.

Taking it to the next level
If you really want Chatter to take off, try empowering your executive sponsors and Chatter champions to give out rewards (iTunes gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, etc.) whenever they see someone doing something cool on Chatter—like connecting two employees who didn’t know each other, answering a question that closes a deal or helps a customer, or collaborating on a project to deliver it ahead of time.

By doing this, you make the statement that Chatter is the best way to collaborate and communicate at your company, and it will inspire people to use Chatter in new and innovative ways.