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Modernize aerospace processes with a unified digital experience.

Salesforce aerospace manufacturing software helps organizations unlock data across the enterprise and create intelligent, harmonized business processes to help meet the task at hand.

Transform Program Management and Execution

Reduce costs, drive revenue growth, improve schedules, and reduce risks across the entire program lifecycle.

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How it works:

  • Staff programs with the right people and execute tasks efficiently. Hire the right expertise and forecast future resource requirements. Manage cases, service in the field, workflows and approvals while connecting teams with customers.
  • Bring critical data together for quicker decisions and problem solving. Unlock siloed data to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Take advantage of data visualization to track KPIs and other business metrics.
  • Increase collaboration for efficiency and mission impact. Optimize collaboration by connecting internal teams, contractors, suppliers, and customers on one integrated platform.
  • Accurately forecast revenue and cost. Quickly view historical and forecasted financial performance for a program, portfolio of programs, or business unit.

Improve Supplier Relationship Management

Connect with your suppliers in a whole new way. Illuminate your supplier relationships to reduce costs, drive revenue growth, improve schedules, and reduce risks across the entire program or manufacturing lifecycle.

An illustration of Program Management Dashboard for Aerospace Industries

How it works:

  • Connect Supplier Data. Unlock supplier data siloed in various parts of the organization to begin to build a harmonized and unified picture of a supplier.
  • Illuminate Supplier Relationships. Use the connected data to uncover trends, insights, and further understand your enterprise's relationship with a supplier and the supplier’s performance.
  • Deliver Supplier Experiences. Build meaningful ways to engage and interact with each supplier through portals, shared direct messaging channels, or personalized supplier communication journeys.

Aerospace Manufacturing Software FAQ

Aerospace manufacturing ERP software addresses the unique challenges and requirements of the aerospace industry, helping companies improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and achieve operational excellence. It includes features such as scheduling, program management and supply chain management.

Some commonly used aerospace manufacturing software is: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Software, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.

The combination of aerospace manufacturing software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software offers several benefits to aerospace manufacturers including Streamlined Operations, Improved Visibility, Enhanced Quality Control, Effective Supply Chain and Improved Collaboration.