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Modernize Government Experience

Put the constituent at the center of everything you do from outreach to support. Digitize forms, enable self service, and respond faster with contact center automation.

Modern government experiences demand modern government solutions.

Constituents expect interactions with government agencies to be simple, seamless, and secure. And on par with the private sector. Now governments have solutions to deliver on those expectations with Salesforce.

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Open up a digital front door for your agency.

  • Launch a secure site in days. Use pre-built portal templates designed for common government use cases, like public benefits, grants management, and more.
  • Help constituents help themselves. Allow constituents to get the answers they need, when they need it with embedded and searchable help articles on a user-friendly site.
  • Enhance constituent self-service with AI. Answer constituent questions, collect case information, or provide further guidance with chatbots.
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Streamline the government customer experience with digital forms.

  • Reduce the "time tax" on constituents. With guided applications, pre-populated fields, and the ability to save one's work for later, constituents can get through government forms easier than ever.
  • Transform paper to digital records with AI. Turn supporting documents, such as driver's licenses, tax records, and more into digital files with optical character recognition.
  • Decrease application errors with intelligent checklists. Guide constituents through application requirements so they can submit everything that's needed.
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Serve constituents at scale with contact center automation.

  • Meet your constituents where they are. Message with constituents on traditional channels, like phone and email, or modern channels like web, mobile, WhatsApp, or SMS.
  • Reduce time to call resolution with automation and AI. Empower agents to work faster with a streamlined workspace and call transcription. Then, launch workflows based on call characteristics to help agents get to the right answers faster.
  • Optimize call center operations to with real-time insights. Use pre-built, customizable dashboards to understand available capacity, agent productivity, and call trends.

Modernize Government Experience Solution FAQ

The government customer experience includes the interactions and overall satisfaction that a constituent has when engaging with a government organization and its services. It encompasses all touchpoints and engagement channels, including in-person, web, mobile, phone, and other communication channels.

The government customer experience plays an essential role in fostering constituent trust, satisfaction, and engagement with government services and programs. By prioritizing the needs and preferences of constituents, governments can deliver more effective services that meet the expectations of their constituents.

According to research, transparency, ease, and accessibility are top factors in building constituent trust in government. Governments can improve the customer experience by making processes and services easy to understand and efficient and convenient to access. Personalizing services and interactions as well as increasing responsiveness are other ways in which governments can improve the customer experience.

There are many benefits to digital government software. Government digital software can help government organizations modernize the customer experience by meeting constituents on their preferred channels. Digital government software can help constituents access information anytime, anywhere with on intuitive and security-enabled portals as well as improve high touch service experiences by empowering contact center agents with a single view of the constituent and related insights.