Modernize Decision Making

Data analytics for government allows organizations to make data-driven decisions. Decisions based on clean and trusted data create improved outcomes and increase in public trust.

How can better government data analytics help you?

The flexibility of our industry-leading platform allows you to control how program administrative and agency data is accessed and shared so you can harness the power of visual analytics and AI to improve productivity and decision making.

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Transform citizen service delivery.

  • Transform service delivery. Modern cloud analytics can help the public sector gain faster and smarter insights into huge quantities of data, improving communication and trust with the public. And enabling it to enhance public satisfaction by focusing its increasingly stretched resources where they are needed most.
  • Enhance services through automation. Adopting systems with AI and automation allows staff to get more business value from data, in less time, to focus on what really matters.
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Make data-driven decisions.

  • Apply CRM Analytics. Use intelligent recommendations to quickly collaborate and confidently act on predictions and prescriptive recommendations for better business results.
  • Utilize MuleSoft. With MuleSoft your IT department can unlock systems and data with integration, drive productivity and efficiency with automation, and create engaging digital experiences.
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Central and Local Government Analytics

  • Put central and local government analytics to work. Tableau lets you query large datasets in seconds and easily gain and share the insights citizens need to improve their lives. It also helps you optimize local and central government programs to make the most of your resources.

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Government Data Analytics FAQ

It’s more important than ever to view and understand all your program and service data. Analytics is the most important step toward a more connected government. The Salesforce platform offers strong analytics and reporting capabilities, letting government organizations gain insights and much more.

Data needs to be accessible to be properly used and data visualization in the form of dashboards is the intuative tool to analyze and share information. It is the graphic representation of data that uses visual elements to show and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

Every public agency has different requirements for serving constituents. So it’s best to look at your data and analytics needs and see if the software you are considering has all of the features you are looking for, such as strong data security, workflow automation, real-time analytics, and more.