Sales teams track their personal quota, their team quote, forecast gaps, and likely deals in their pipeline in a dashboard.

Modernize federal government operations.

Federal IT modernization has changed the way government delivers services. Scale intelligent service and empower federal civilian employees to create connected customer experiences on a FedRAMP High-authorized government cloud.

Simplify Grants Management

Launch new grant programs fast with templates and configurable workflows. Get funding to grantees faster with a pre-built app and measure impact with data insights.

Federal civilian section infographic

How it works:

  • Go faster with pre-built capabilities. Quickly streamline grant management programs with out-of-the-box applications.
  • Increase engagement with targeted outreach. Reach the right people at the right time with targeted announcements, follow-ups, and automated messages.
  • Gain a 360 view of the grants lifecycle. Understand the end-to-end grants lifecycle and create consistent experiences across channels with connected data.
  • Improve mission outcomes. Use real-time analytics and AI-powered insights to measure mission impact and make data-driven decisions.

Increase Employee Productivity

Reimagine the employee experience with a productivity platform built for government. Now, federal civilian employees can work smarter with digital collaboration tools, save time with AI and automation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences using data-driven insights.

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How it works:

  • Increase federal workforce efficiency. Reduce administrative burden with AI and increase productivity across teams with digital-first collaboration tools.
  • Securely unite distributed teams. Empower employees to effortlessly collaborate over secure channels, from anywhere. Route cases, take action, and share real-time updates on one unified system.
  • Transform federal service with data. Take a data-driven approach to cutting costs, increasing operational efficiency, and improving service delivery.

Salesforce for Federal Government FAQ

Government is having trouble meeting current customer expectations. Legacy systems impede agencies' ability to deliver on mission, and contribute to rising IT costs. Connecting your data on a unified, government-compliant platform can help make your service delivery seamless, safe, and secure.

A platform integrates all of your data in one place, requires no hardware, and provides digital service capabilities to support the compliance requirements, business process, and workflow capabilities that allow for a better user experience.

Consider factors like compliance needs, security, scalability, ease of use, and integration capabilities. Assess features, evaluate pricing models and success plans, trial different options, and prioritize federal IT modernization solutions that align with your specific requirements.