Sales teams track their personal quota, their team quote, forecast gaps, and likely deals in their pipeline in a dashboard.

Modernize Government IT

Unlock rapid app development and consolidation on a low-code, low-effort platform so your organization can focus on meeting its mission.

Quickly implement, integrate, and accelerate time to value.

Connect legacy systems into a single source of truth and turn technical debt into innovation. With a secure and agile platform, it’s easy to build applications, integrations, and user experiences that help deliver on your mission objectives.

Scale and secure apps on a trusted government cloud.

Secure data on an isolated, dedicated environment for U.S. government agencies and contractors with meeting authorizations such as FedRAMP High, IRS 1057, and DoD Impact Levels.

An illustration of a capitol building and bubbles showing software compliance

All you need is your mouse and a sense of adventure. Enhance your objects, data, and fields, customize your org’s look and feel, augment your business processes, create websites, and even create apps—all using point-and-click tools.

An illustration representing modern IT management

Get support and more value with an ecosystem of professional services, implementation partners, system integrators, and other technology providers specializing in government.

A representation of an IT task force working together
An illustration of a capitol building and bubbles showing software compliance
An illustration representing modern IT management
A representation of an IT task force working together

Develop apps more efficiently.

Use drag and drop, low code builders to innovate faster than ever.

An illustration of a capitol building and bubbles showing software compliance

Automate repetitive tasks or business processes — from recruiting to project management. Create the actions you want triggered when the criteria or conditions are met. Use Salesforce automation tools to create new records, update fields, send emails, or call out to external systems.

Secure sensitive data without making life harder for users. With a flexible, layered sharing model, it’s easy to assign different data sets to different sets of users, balancing security and convenience and reducing the risk of stolen or misused data while making users get the information they need.

Digitize processes and services rapidly with pre-built Public Sector Applications. Deploy modern constituent services fast using data models, guided processes, UI, and analytics designed for government.

An illustration of a capitol building and bubbles showing software compliance

Integrate your data into a powerful, single view.

Jumpstart development using pre-built assets provided by the MuleSoft ecosystem or build APIs from scratch for any use case in diverse protocols.

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Deploy to almost any environment and implement modern architectures with the Anypoint Flex Gateway. Ensure 99.99% uptime with CloudHub, MuleSoft’s fully managed infrastructure, or deploy into Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premises using Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

Get out-of-the-box compliance and secure your enterprise integrations automatically with prebuilt and custom policies. Protect sensitive data through format-preserving tokenization using policies, and establish secure perimeters around data, APIs, microservices, and integrations.

Manage, secure, and scale all your APIs from a single place. Onboard developers with precision and make smarter API program decisions with contextual analytics.

A flow chart showing application development

Learn new skills with free, guided learning on Trailhead.

Government IT Modernization FAQ

Government IT modernization is the strategic effort by government agencies to update and improve IT systems, infrastructure, and practices. For many agencies, the first step toward modernization is forgoing on-premises legacy systems in exchange for modern, cloud-based solutions.

Relying on legacy IT systems makes it difficult for government agencies to deliver on the mission. Inefficiency, outdated processes, and concerns around privacy and data security slow down service delivery and negatively impact constituents — and isn’t scalable for the future.

Benefits include the ability to flex and scale as the mission evolves, connected service delivery, more secure data, better decision making, and reduced costs.

Consider the constituent or customer experience, the total cost to deploy and maintain in the future, the ability to meet future mission needs, and the frequency of patching and updates. Then assess the software’s responsiveness, ease of use, scalability, flexibility and upkeep.