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Modernize constituent experiences with state and local government software.

State and Local Government Software from Salesforce can empower a workforce of the future, elevate constituent services, and empower decision making with critical insights. The power of a flexible platform with CRM + AI + Data + Trust helps you modernize while creating cost-efficiencies across the board.

Accelerate Licensing and Permitting

Digitize licensing and permitting to serve applicants more effectively.

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How it works:

  • Provide a one-stop-shop for constituents. Launch a single portal for fee requests, payments, renewals, updating licence information, and more.
  • Offer speedy self-service. Engage constituents on their preferred channel with chat bots, resource articles, and dynamic intake questionnaires so constituents can get help and resolve requests without talking to an agent.
  • Accelerate application pipeline. Automate application reviews with a flexible, no code business rules engine.
  • Deploy in weeks, not months. Unlock digital licensing and permitting services faster with a pre-built data model, templates, workflows, and analytics built for government.

Simplify Benefit Management

Automate eligibility determination and benefit disbursement and serve people faster.

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How it works:

  • Simplify benefit search, enrollment, and notification. Improve the applicant experience with guided pre screening and application processes.
  • Boost case worker productivity with data. Minimize administrative burden with digital-first case management.
  • Serve the people faster with AI and insights. Help case workers prioritize work and understand program performance.

Simplify Case Management

Access all case data and related interactions on a searchable secure platform.

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How it works:

  • Resolve cases faster than ever before. Keep constituent and case data in one centralized location to provide service reps the information they need to solve cases fast and at anytime.
  • Empower agents with knowledge. Give your service agents and case workers a platform to collaborate. Leverage digital forums and share knowledge bases to make it easier for teams to communicate and align.
  • Integrate and save time. Salesforce solutions can be deployed incrementally on top of existing legacy solutions to quickly improve customer experience and eliminate high-risk project modernization efforts.

Salesforce for State and Local Government FAQ

State and local government software are products that help agencies establish connections with citizens and deliver fast and impactful services. This software is built to address government-specific use cases and can help agencies streamline their internal operations for more efficiency.

State and local government institutions must address the needs of citizens on a daily basis. A CRM solution lets agencies seamlessly connect staff, citizens, and information via a platform that supports multiple engagement channels, and analyze important data in real-time.

Look at your needs and see if the software you are considering has all of the features you are looking for, such as strong data security, workflow automation, real-time data analytics and the flexibility to handle small to complex use cases.