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The Analytics Center by Salesforce curates content that analytics professionals and data analysts are most interested in.

Our content mix is focused on helping you understand Analytics from start to finish for beginners and experienced pros. No matter your resume, The Analytics Center’s goal is for your business to make sense of “all those numbers” and slicing them in the right way so there are clear business decisions to be made. And are the choices that will make an immediate impact on your most important business metrics.

With 85% of business leaders believing big data will dramatically change the way business is done, implementing and analyzing BI will have huge impact. This is evidenced by the fact that companies with analytics are 5x more likely to make quicker decisions.

By knowing the needs and wants of professionals in the field and what industry standards are, you allow your team the ability to simplify complex data into something everyone can appreciate.

This Analytics Center simplifies how you keep up with all of the current trends on analytics to better optimize and strategize for business success. When analyzed and leveraged correctly, big data can equal bigger profits.

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