Smart Data Discovery Goes from One-Click to Zero-Click: BeyondCore’s New Dynamic Dashboard Automatically Delivers the Actionable, Accurate Insights You Need Every Day, Makes Analysis Fast, Effortless & Easy-to-Consume for Business Users; BeyondCore today launched its latest edition, BeyondCore 6, with a groundbreaking new feature that automatically delivers the most important and relevant business insights to users on the schedule they choose, with zero manual effort.

Traditional Dynamic Dashboards show the same graphs each day, just with updated data. But what if today we really need to focus on a specific geography and tomorrow we need to focus on a specific product to understand why our revenue is increasing or decreasing? With traditional solutions, we have to first make sure we had the right graphs in our dashboard and second ensure that we looked at the right graph today and noticed the change in pattern. What if the pattern was just a blip in our data and not an actionable trend? Current dashboards don’t help with that either. BeyondCore’s truly dynamic dashboards present the most important graphs in order of their impact on our revenue or cost today and distinguishes between trends and blips.

This new feature transforms BeyondCore from “one-click” to zero-click analytics, making it the easiest to use Smart Data Discovery platform for business intelligence (BI) and analytics. With BeyondCore 6, business users can easily configure daily, weekly, or monthly analysis, providing a dashboard which is not merely dynamic, but which diligently examines new and emerging patterns, with the most relevant and impactful insights highlighted and delivered automatically.

As always, the detailed “BeyondCore story”—the platform’s signature narrative explanation behind the analysis—is still just a click away, making statistically sound analytics even simpler, accessible and consumable for business users.

“BeyondCore’s mission has always been to dramatically simplify the complexity of analytics, making it instantly available for business users,” said BeyondCore Founder and CEO Arijit Sengupta. “BeyondCore 6 takes this to the next level, automatically showing users what they need to know about what has changed in their business today, in order of the biggest impact.” Unlike conventional BI analytics tools that require users to ask specific questions—which may not even be the correct questions nor provide the most relevant business performance data—BeyondCore 6 automatically asks all the questions of the data set on the configured schedule, spotting patterns and trends users may not even have thought to consider.

Truly Dynamic Dashboards Reveal Hidden Insights

BeyondCore 6 reveals exactly what has changed since the previous analysis, highlighting the most critical changes for users to focus on. BeyondCore’s smart discovery engine distinguishes important trends from anomalies with robust statistical rigor to help users distinguish between insights that warrant attention or action, and irrelevant flukes that could mislead users into make bad decisions.

This new approach to dashboards is transformational in the BI industry, resolving what Gartner has indicated to be perhaps the most difficult challenge in analytics—knowing the right questions to ask.

“Visualizations are a powerful and consumable way to communicate patterns in data versus tables or lists. However, they do not always highlight statistically significant findings. They require user interpretation to determine whether findings are relevant, significant and actionable. Moreover, finding insights from advanced analytics — a holy grail for most companies — requires chronically scarce specialized data science skills,” wrote Gartner analysts Rita L. Sallam and Josh Parenteau in their June 29, 2015 report, “Smart Data Discovery Will Enable a New Class of Citizen Data Scientist.”

BeyondCore 6 overcomes this challenge and the risk of users being led down the wrong path by asking the wrong questions and following incorrect or incomplete conclusions by relieving users of the burden entirely. Instead, BeyondCore automatically shows users what they need to know in an easy-to-understand format, revealing hidden details, confounding factors and related patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed, even by expert data scientists who don’t have the time to repeat complex analyses each week.

Broad Compatibility for Exceptional Ease of Use

The new BeyondCore 6 is fully integrated with BeyondCore for Office, which enables non-analysts to actively consume and share analysis through the world’s most popular business productivity suite. BeyondCore 6 can analyze data from a wide range of sources, including CSV files, SAP/HANA, Hadoop, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. And its machine learning technology delivers continuously smarter analysis as BeyondCore investigates and learns from the data over time.

BeyondCore 6 automatically emails the reports to individuals or groups, and includes detailed automatically generated narrative reports in the form of Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Reports are fully auditable, traceable and provide built-in K-anonymity for privacy.

During the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2015, BeyondCore is offering an “Implement On Our Dime” deal for the first 100 customers who purchase BeyondCore 6. BeyondCore will implement BeyondCore 6, configure it to work with the clients’ data, and schedule the first truly dynamic dashboard for them, at no risk.

Gartner Disclaimer — While Gartner is hosting the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2015 event, Gartner is not in any way affiliated with BeyondCore or this promotion, the selection of winners or the distribution of prizes. Gartner disclaims all responsibility for any claims that may arise hereunder.

About BeyondCore — BeyondCore is on a mission to “Empower every business user with the power of analytics.” BeyondCore automates the discovery of meaningful patterns in data. Backed by 15 patents and eight years of real-world experience, BeyondCore Analytics empowers business users to find actionable insights in minutes and make decisions with confidence. BeyondCore has been used by 23 of the Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit Einstein Data Discovery for Insights that Matter.

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