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BeyondCore Collaborates with Microsoft to Bring Smart Analytics Free to Every Business User

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World’s Leading Smart Data Discovery Solution Now Available Free as an App for Microsoft Office

BeyondCore today announced a major milestone in its mission to empower every business user with deep statistical analysis and intuitive narrative explanation and end the problem of presumptive analytics. BeyondCore’s patented and award-winning Smart Data Discovery solution along with its collaboration with Microsoft combines advanced machine learning techniques, powerful analytic engines, and familiar user experiences to bring unmatched analytic insights to the business user, now available for free.

The new BeyondCore Analyst for Office provides single-click analysis and detailed story-based explanations of insights directly integrated into the familiar Office suite, empowering business users to:

  • Exhaustively analyze all data, without the need to formulate sophisticated questions or design complex queries

  • Cut through the clutter to identify and act on the most relevant, statistically-validated patterns

  • Visualize, understand, interpret, share and act on the results.

    “Microsoft Office is the preferred analytics environment for most businesspeople. We congratulate BeyondCore on the way its Analyst for Office is empowering many more people around the world to extract powerful insights from big data,” said Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft corporate vice president, Office 365 Client Apps and Services.

“BeyondCore’s mission has always been to dramatically simplify the complexity of analytics, making it instantly available for business users,” said BeyondCore Founder and CEO Arijit Sengupta. “But users often feel ‘this is too good to be true.’ Now with the free version of BeyondCore Analyst for Office, they can just try for themselves and see that analytics has changed forever. After using BeyondCore, users will no longer equate pretty graphs with actionable analysis.”

Conventional analytics remain focused on confirming and visualizing pre-conceived ‘insights’ rather than broadly searching for actionable insights that can move the business outcomes. “Visualizations are a powerful and consumable way to communicate patterns in data versus tables or lists. However, they do not always highlight statistically significant findings. They require user interpretation to determine whether findings are relevant, significant and actionable. Moreover, finding insights from advanced analytics — a holy grail for most companies — requires chronically scarce specialized data science skills,” wrote Gartner analysts Rita L. Sallam and Josh Parenteau in their June 29, 2015 report, “Smart Data Discovery Will Enable a New Class of Citizen Data Scientist.”

BeyondCore overcomes this challenge and the risk of users asking the wrong questions by relieving users of the burden of asking questions entirely. Instead, BeyondCore automatically asks every possible question to show users what they need to know in an easy-to-understand format, revealing hidden details, confounding factors and related patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. Users can still instantaneously get answers to specific questions, and BeyondCore automatically presents related insights that provide richer context or details related to the graph the user asked to see.

Multiple Ways to Experience the Most Advanced Analytical Power Ever Assembled

The free version of BeyondCore Analyst for Office lets users conduct up to ten analyses a month on smaller datasets in Excel or Microsoft SQL Server. Users can upgrade to paid versions of BeyondCore Analyst for Office to conduct more analyses, analyze larger datasets or access Big Data sources such as Hadoop.

Users can also try BeyondCore’s enterprise solutions for 15 days for free. Enterprise solutions offer additional features such as:

  • the ability to schedule analyses to automatically run each day, week or month and email reports in PowerPoint or Word format to specified recipients;

  • secure collaboration, audit and monitoring capabilities; and

  • predictive and prescriptive analysis

    During the remainder of 2015, BeyondCore is offering an “Implement on Our Dime” deal where BeyondCore will conduct the first analysis or schedule the first truly dynamic dashboard on the clients’ data, at no risk.

About BeyondCore

BeyondCore provides SaaS data analytics software that puts the power of insightful, accurate, intuitive and actionable analytics in the hands of every business user. Its leading-edge Smart Pattern Discovery technology gives users a full range of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive bias-free analytics. Unlike conventional presumptive analytics software that requires users to ask the right questions and use trial-and-error to find answers, BeyondCore automatically analyzes any set of unique data and presents only statistically relevant findings in PowerPoint and Word in just minutes with no presumptions and no manual hunting required—just actionable insights based on science to help users make smarter business decisions. See why 23 of the Fortune 500 use BeyondCore to find insights that matter at Einstein Data Discovery

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