Before reading this post, stop and think for a moment about this question: When was the last time you excitedly went to check your voicemail messages?; Chances are it probably took a long time for you to answer that question. Unlike text messages, or even emails, voicemail messages are usually received with dread. It's a time consuming process to check them, and just as time consuming and irritating to follow-up after analyzing the potentially rambling and incoherent message.; Now, consider question #2: How much more frequently do you receive voicemail messages on your work phone, then on your personal?

We would hazard to guess that your answer skews in favor of your work phone. Did the 'missed call' on your smart phone kill the personal cell phone voicemail? It may have, but just as likely, individuals have learned to avoid leaving and checking these messages on their personal phones. They aren't useful, and just hinder a productive lifestyle.

So why not for business? Perhaps there is still a stigma associated with calling a customer or colleague and not leaving a message. But, at HeyWire Business, we're out to change that stigma and tell you it's not necessary. After all, numbers don't lie. According to PhoneTag, it takes 6 seconds to read a voice mail that would take 79 seconds to hear. That's not exactly efficient. Just as damning, however, is the statistic that found that 80% of people believe they would get a quicker response from a text than from an email or voicemail.

Clearly, the 'message' (pardon the pun) is getting delivered and others have joined our quest to #KillTheVM. According to Vonage, voicemail messages left on business and personal users accounts have decreased by 8% since 2011.

For business users, we believe the answer is to provide solutions that business users actually embrace: Messaging. According to an industry report by Ring Central, 'Texting for Work on the Rise,' the majority (79%) of business professionals use text messaging for business communications, 82% text more for business today than they did a year ago, and over a third say they've closed a business deal via text.

That's why HeyWire Business is here to increase simplicity in communications and productivity by replacing Voicemail with the ease of 'any screen' business text messaging. Just ask one of our customers who recently stated in a piece on our blog that 'a text takes ten seconds, while listening to and responding to a voicemail can take ten minutes.'

Exactly. And, as this customer knows, we're here to help business users avoid voicemails at all costs. With our service, you can send text messages, photos, videos and other rich media to and from any smartphone, tablet or laptop, using your business number. These messages can reach both colleagues AND an efficient fashion that effectively helps us all, #KillTheVM.

We'll be sharing more stats soon related to the #KillTheVM trend. Keep an eye out and join our cause.

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