HeyWire is excited to announce its latest release of Business Messenger for Windows, version 2.0. Business Messenger, one of HeyWire's conversational messaging solutions for Salesforce-powered businesses, enables professionals such as field service and sales reps, advisors and consultants and personal shoppers with the ability to engage customers via their preferred communication channel ' texting ' creating a more personal, convenient customer experience.

With HeyWire Business Messenger, organizations have the ability to text-enable their existing business phone numbers, allowing customers to easily communicate with any given contact ' while that individual is in the office or on the go ' using a number which they have already saved and with which they are already familiar. Business Messenger also allows employees to keep their personal and work phone numbers separate while still providing them and their employers the ability to sync and save these conversations into Salesforce.

So, what can Windows users and those considering HeyWire expect to see with this new 2.0 rollout? Hear it for yourself in my interview with HeyWire's Business Messenger product manager, Jared Long!

LM: With the release of Windows 2.0, what are some of the new Business Messenger features?

JL: The biggest change with this release is the new layout. The new design gives users access to all of their conversations in a more familiar messaging interface within Salesforce ' making messaging with clients, customers and co-workers easier than ever before. There are also, however, some other pretty cool new features and enhancements like:

  • The ability to Sync conversations to Salesforce with one click. The new sync feature saves conversations on demand.
  • An automatic phone number match to Contact, Lead and Person Account records in your Salesforce org.
  • The option for users to view related Cases and Opportunities of a specific Salesforce record in a Business Messenger conversation.
  • The opportunity to configure an auto-reply when you're unable to respond.
  • The ability to change your password directly from within the app.

LM: Out of the above features, would you say there is one that will stand out most (aside from the new layout) from the previous version?

JL: Well, we're pretty excited about the whole release but yes, the previous Windows app syncs automatically every time users close a conversation window. This feature is by far the biggest behavioral change, since now we offer a 'Sync' button.

LM: Why would updating the sync functionality benefit users, opposed to having the conversation automatically saved?

JL: Based on feedback we received, there is more benefit to users if they can choose when a conversation gets sync'd back to Salesforce. Additionally, our users now have access to all of their previous conversations in a dynamic thread list. In the previous version, when Business Messenger would sync it would save smaller pieces of a given conversation, resulting in multiple transcripts which users would have to search through for a single conversation. The new sync feature gives users control over when to save the segments of a conversation they need to document, making it easier for them to come back to that conversation later.

And don't worry about losing a conversation with the auto-sync functionality removed. The one time in the updated app version that we automatically trigger a sync is when a user deletes a thread such that all of the conversation ' if not previously synced by the user ' will be stored into Salesforce.

LM: This sounds like an awesome release! And, not to get ahead of myself, but what enhancements can users and prospects expect in the foreseeable future?

JL: There are some pretty cool upcoming features ' including the ability for users to search through their open conversations by keywords or recipient names, as well as the option for users to pop out a specific, individual conversation into a new window. But that's all I can share with you on that!

So there you have it: the latest version of Business Messenger for Windows, version 2.0! If you're currently a Business Messenger user, be sure to download the latest version here, and drop us some love with a review on the Salesforce AppExchange!

If you are new to Business Messenger and looking to start a 14-day trial, get in touch with us today!

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