Recently, we came across a Forbes piece on the overuse and inefficiency of email. According to Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan, not only is email a constant burden and an inevitable time-suck, but as a result, it's also making employees unhappy.; We're all too familiar with the inefficiency of email. And who hasn't complained about the never-ending pile of work-related email? Email threads are a great example of a productivity-killer, says Morgan. Originally intended to keep coworkers aware and in the loop, email threads more often resemble messy, unwieldy scavenger hunts in which you have to search high and low for any/all pertinent information.

The Solution?

We believe the answer to this email inefficiency conundrum is mobile messaging. And we don't mean your traditional IM client, which only allows you to communicate via text with your coworkers. We're talking about the new, all-inclusive business messaging experience. This is truly an accessible experience, as it's available on any device via the cloud. It's also a rich media experience that allows users to send not just simple text, but also photos and voice clips. Of particular interest to enterprise level businesses, business messaging also provides necessary security and tracking options to ensure the safety of all communication.

Most importantly, though, mobile messages get through and force people to engage. Studies show that while 98% of text message are read, just 20% of emails are even acknowledged. It takes just 90 seconds for consumers to respond to text messages, and yet it takes an average of 2 days for a person to respond to an email.

The reason behind these massive data disparities is simple. People typically check their smartphones over 100 times a day, and with mobile messages so succinct, they're easy to digest quickly and act upon instantly. There are no confusing scavenger hunts threads to sift through, and the format of mobile messaging forces people to keep messages brief and to the point. The brevity, instantaneous nature, and accessibility of mobile messaging saves valuable time and money for employees and businesses. And as Morgan mentions, the less time spent managing cumbersome, overflowing email inboxes, the happier and more efficient employees are.

What do you think? Is mobile messaging the answer to the inefficiency of email in business?

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