In the early 1990s, AT&T had a popular series of commercials, 'You Will,' narrated by Tom Selleck. In the spots, the mustachioed actor offered up the futuristic possibilities coming out of AT&T's labs. 'Send a fax from the beach? You will.'; We bring this up today because, while some of the futuristic predictions of the early 1990s didn't come true or are no longer valid (who wants to send a fax from anywhere, really?), many did. The vision of unified messaging ' which entered the lexicon in the early 1990s ' is finally here.; And most users want more, and it's pretty reasonable and within reach: the ability to use text messaging in their business lives.

We are pleased to announce the results of our survey of more than 500 business professionals, 'Business Text Messaging: Key Trends in Business Communications.' HeyWire commissioned this survey to prove what we believe to be true: more and more of you are using texting as part of your daily business lives.

And the results back it up: two-thirds of the business professionals surveyed are using text messaging as a means of communications with their colleagues, customers and prospects.

(We will delve into specific findings from the report in later blog entries'today, we'll talk a bit about overall findings; the research brief for which can be downloaded here.)

The goal of the research was simple'to gain insight into the use and role of text messaging in the business world, and identify relevant trends. Once the primary form of communications between teens, texting long ago entered the 'adult' world ' and has now forced its way into the business world.

Professionals are currently texting with internal co-workers ' but as our survey found, also with external clients, partners and prospects. And it makes sense: people answer texts. Research from the Mobile Marketing Association shows that a whopping 97 percent of text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery ' making texting a much more efficient way to send and receive a message, than, say email ' which often goes unanswered.

We'll be highlighting our key findings in future blog posts. But the main takeaway today: professionals are texting both their colleagues and external contacts ' nearly two-thirds exchange text messages with their co-workers, and nearly half are using text as a means to keep up with those outside the company's four walls, such as customers, prospects and partners.

Texting offers fast, direct messaging ' and it's the quickest way of reaching your recipient.

Now, business texting is not without its detractors. For those who are not texting, two main barriers were cited: the need to keep a record of communications, and having an employee willing to pay for texting services. Obviously, we're a bit biased, but we believe concerns can be met through enterprise-grade texting solutions that maintain secure and reliable communications and can be implemented by businesses at a reasonable, per-user cost.

So texting in your business life? You already are. If not? You will. Faxing from the beach? Not so much.

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