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The Changing Role of the Modern Sales Team

In today’s fast-paced business world, sales professionals are continually seeking new ways to improve their competitive advantage. And increasingly, one way many are getting more done, is by text messaging. Text, once used almost exclusively for communicating with friends and family — has emerged as a critical communications channel for business and sales professionals. From qualifying leads, to screening prospects, or just driving more business with existing customers, business professionals have discovered that text improves the pace of business and helps get more deals done.

Industry Data

An industry survey of sales professionals by Ring Central reveals that not only are professionals using text for business, but over 32% of professionals have closed a business deal using text.* Our HeyWire Business survey shows the same trend, with 67% of sales professionals texting for business, and over 50% texting external customers — prospects, leads and new customers.**

One Customer’s Results

In addition to survey data, we are witnessing this trend first-hand. Several Business Messenger customers are seeing improved sales results due to the immediacy and efficiency of text messaging. One customer, a leading personal finance business, has seen significant improvements in their sales results. This includes increasing sales close rate by 21% and reducing the time to close leads by 33%. In the case of this customer, text messaging enabled sales representatives to reach prospects more quickly, provide requested information, and move forward to a deal. And while these results happen to be specific to Business messenger, some lessons are clearly applicable to business texting in general.

Why Text? It’s just efficient!

Text has emerged as a preferred communication channel for many professionals precisely because it is quick and efficient. The medium itself emphasizes sending short messages with only critical information. For today’s professionals, buried under a deluge of email and voicemail, text messaging is proving a great way to break through the clutter and reach business prospects, partners and customers. Today, many top professionals are using text messaging to accelerate the sales process — to qualify more prospects, nurture more leads and close more sales. So, the next time you’re involved in a business discussion or sales deal and need to get a quick response, or provide an immediate answer you may want to try text messaging!

* Ring Central Survey of Participants in North America, Dec 2012
**HeyWire Survey of Professionals in NA/ Nov. 2013


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