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When the Biggest Isn't the Best: 3 Help Desk Alternatives to Zendesk

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When the Biggest Isn't the Best: 3 Help Desk Alternatives to Zendesk

No matter what business you may be in, your customers should always be your number-one concern. Customers bring in more than just revenue. Through their interests and feedback, they give your organization direction. They help you identify and improve potential weak points in your products and processes. Customers that make the transition into brand advocates can also be your organization’s most effective marketing tool, sharing their experiences and promoting your business completely free of charge. However, before that can happen, you need to make sure that your customer are getting the right level of support.

For that, you need reliable help desk software.

The customer journey doesn’t end at the purchase, and neither does your responsibility to your clients. For those buyers who experience problems with a product or service, wish to give feedback, or simply have relevant questions for your business, help desk solutions and other support software options are a must. When customers have a bad experience, customer churn is the natural result, but with the right support capabilities, businesses can prevent as much as 67% of that churn.

When customers have a bad experience, customer churn is the natural result, but with the right support capabilities, businesses can prevent as much as 67% of that churn.

Consequently, a large number of help desk software options have begun to spring up to meet increasing need. As of June 2017, Capterra lists approximately 250 top help desk software options, 140 of which have earned at least 4 out of 5 stars in user reviews. With so many potential options to choose from, you might have difficulty selecting the right solution for your business. To help you find something that really fits your needs, take a moment and consider one of the most popular options, as well as some viable alternatives.

Take a Look at Zendesk.

From among this wide range of help desk providers, one that has garnered a significant following is Zendesk. Zendesk is a trusted help desk solution for businesses of all sizes. It is cloud-based, meaning that users are able to take advantage of the tool’s full functionality without having to install any specific on-site hardware — with just a internet connection and any standard web browser, companies can access a variety of customer support options from anywhere in the world. Zendesk pricing is tier-based, meaning that you can choose how in-depth of a solution you want to invest in.

Zendesk offers an interactive customer service dashboard where users can access their entire support system, check detailed analytics, and review important support data. Customizable self-service portals give clients the opportunity to find their own solutions without having to make direct contact with service representatives. Third-party application integration expands the tool’s usability, allowing for a wider range of support application designed to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Zendesk is supported on most devices and operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac iOS, and includes multi channel support options. All in all, Zendesk is a flexible, powerful ticket management and support option, one that has earned relatively high rankings among help desk review sites. However, it is not the only option, and it may not be the best solution for your company. After all, “biggest” doesn’t always mean “best.”

Consider Zendesk Alternative Solutions.

If you are looking for a better alternative to Zendesk, then there are four options that you should be considering — Freshdesk, ManageEngine, and Here is a brief overview of each option as a zendesk alternative. Take a look, and find the best Zendesk alternative for your organization:

1. Freshdesk

While there are many similarities between Freshdesk and Zendesk, there are also a number of differences. Both options are complete help desk and support solutions. Both are easy to use, and both offer a tiered, on-demand pricing structure. On the other hand, Zendesk may be better suited for larger, enterprise-level users. Zendesk offers advanced training and support options, a well as a “Benchmark” tool, which ranks your business against thousands of other businesses worldwide.
However, Freshdesk offers a clear advantage when it comes to pricing. Per agent/month, Freshdesk costs only $59 for the standard package, while endesk costs $99. Freshdesk also include a free option at limited functionality, for businesses that are looking for a Zendesk free alternative.

2. ManageEngine

One of the most popular help desk options worldwide, ManageEngine generally scores slightly higher than Zendesk on customer review sites. ManageEngine offers cloud-based support solutions, but can also be installed and run on on-site servers. ManageEngine also integrates well a variety of other applications, for a nicely unified help desk solution.
ManageEngine gets most of its highest customer praise thanks to its expansive feature set and simple setup. Its user interface, on the other hand, isn’t quite as accessible or intuitive as what Zendesk offers, making it a reliable, if somewhat complicated, choice.


Salesforce has been the leader in the CRM industry for about as long as the industry has existed, and with, they’ve focused their customer service and support expertise into building an effective and affordable help desk solution. can be employed directly out of the box, for the fastest customer support solution on the market. likewise shares many advantages with Zendesk — it is cloud-based, includes a number of productivity tools and support tools, uses an easy-to-understand dashboard, is 100% mobile compatible, and completely centralizes customer support.
That said, is more than just a Zendesk clone. With the most advanced self-service options available, clients can help themselves, saving your business significant amounts on support costs. The support center is fully integrated into the product, so clients have full access to the information they need. And, because it is built on the Salesforce CRM platform, it also puts advanced analytics to work for you, so that you can improve your support team through accurate business insights.

For Most Businesses, is the Best Alternative to Zendesk.

There’s a difference between CRM and help desk solutions, but there are definite advantages to investing in a help desk solution built on the world’s most trusted CRM. Salesforce gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to grow quickly, save on expenses, and give their customers the high-quality support that brings them back and brand advocates.

This is thanks, in part, due to’s Salesforce CRM integration, which gives businesses the power to track their clients across multiple support channels, and given that 79% of contact centers have no big-picture view of their clients across support channels, this is one advantage certainly worth considering.

79% of contact centers have no big-picture view of their clients across support channels

Is Zendesk a reliable, effective help desk option for most businesses? Certainly. Is it one of the biggest and most widely use client support platforms? Again, yes. However, it isn’t necessarily the best. gives businesses the power to employ a powerful help desk solution quickly, and to give their customers the kind of support that leads to real conversion.

Customers should always be your primary focus, which means that customer support should be more than an afterthought. Take advantage of the Salesforce free trial offer, and see just how far beyond Zendesk your customer support solution can take you.

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