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CRM Comparison: Servicenow vs Salesforce

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CRM Comparison: Servicenow vs Salesforce

The backbone of any retail business, especially when it comes to customer service, is customer relationship management (CRM). There are other components and platforms within modern-day customer service that may seem more “core”, but nothing ties them together like a CRM.

Businesses are now able to provide a more complete experience for their customers than ever before due to the rise of various cloud-based CRM software solutions. In 2015, SaaS (software as a service) revenue grew by 27 percent, year over year, and continues to trend upwards.

A booming industry, Gartner predicts that by the end of 2017, the CRM market will be worth upwards of $37 billion. With a market this strong however, it means that there is a lot of competition. While competition in any industry is a good thing — it makes for a better product for everyone — it can be difficult to know which service is the best for your needs.

Two major CRM options for customer support, ServiceNow vs Salesforce Desk, which is the superior platform? In this cloud service comparison, we will take a look at each offering, help you to understand the benefits of using Salesforce Desk and hopefully come to a more informed decision.

Why Use CRM Software for Customer Support?

Customer service could not be more different today from how it was even a few years ago. With the rise of smart mobile devices and social media, customers now expect a kind of customer service that is immediate, personalized, and meets them on whichever channel they choose to use — whether by email, phone, in person, or on social media.

This is why so many companies now offer customer service across each of these platforms, with many focusing the majority of their efforts on social media. But with so many customers to help, and a sense of immediacy becoming increasingly essential, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand.

That’s where services like ServiceNow and Desk come in. These cloud platforms allow businesses to not only meet that high demand, but to provide a higher level of customer support that sets them apart from their competitors. According to one survey, 91 percent of organizations said they aspire to be among the customer experience leaders in their industry. CRM platforms allow them to do that.

91 percent of organizations said they aspire to be among the customer experience leaders in their industry

ServiceNow vs Salesforce: the Basics.

First, let’s take a general overview of each service. Both are concerned with using cloud solutions to provide a comprehensive CRM platform for each aspect of a business, from sales, to marketing, to customer service. What is ServiceNow? According to the company:

"With the ServiceNow System of Action you can replace these unstructured work patterns of the past with intelligent workflows of the future. Now every employee, customer, and machine can make requests on a single cloud platform. Every department working on these requests can assign and prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, gain real‑time insights and drive to action. Your employees are energized, your service levels improve, and you realize game‑changing economics."

Among the various CRM solutions that ServiceNow provides is a customer service management platform. ServiceNow took inspiration from consumer apps like Uber and OpenTable, and applied those principles to a business project management setting. On the other hand, Salesforce moved in the opposite direction, starting as a CRM solution and branching into marketing, sales, and now, customer support.

What is Salesforce?

“We’re the innovative company behind the world’s #1 CRM platform that employees can access entirely over the Internet — there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage — you just log in and get to work.”

The main reason many companies give for choosing Salesforce is the ubiquity of their services, allowing full integration between customer service and sales, marketing, analytics, mobile apps, and more. Because of the ability to work with these other tools and departments, Salesforce Desk provides the room to expand and grow, as well as full collaboration between teams.

Features of ServiceNow vs Salesforce Desk.

When looking for a good CRM platform for customer service management, there are a few important features to look for. Let’s break down some of those features, and which service excels at each one.

Both platforms are cloud based solutions that allow for pro-active responses and out-of the-box multichannel support. Both also offer mobile apps with self-service support so that companies can empower customers to solve problems and answer questions themselves. This is important, as 72 percent of people now believe that self-service support is a fast and easy way to handle support issues. Both services also have intuitive UIs and easy linking up between departments.

The difference comes in that aforementioned Salesforce ubiquity. Through combining Desk with other Salesforce services, companies are able to achieve a clear 360 view of customers, easy integrations, partner apps, and a series of other services to help businesses to scale as they grow. This 360 view means that small-medium businesses are given a competitive advantage, as they can now grow quickly, in a cost effective way.

Desk also empowers businesses to make better decisions by collecting customer data using things such as business insight reports, satisfaction scores and customer health monitors, providing team performance monitoring, and other business insights that allow managers to pre-empt small issues before they become big ones.

Features Servicenow Salesforce Desk
Multi-channel support Yes Yes
Case Management Yes Yes
Mobile Friendly Yes Yes
Customer Portal Yes Yes
Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Satisfaction Scores N/A Yes
Customer Health Monitoring N/A Yes
360 degree customer integration N/A Yes
Small to Large Scalability Yes Yes
Free trial Yes (demo only) Yes

Boost Your Customer Service Using a Cloud Service.

Just 7 percent of customers say that their customer service experiences with companies typically exceed their expectations. All it would take to even slightly improve this meagre percentage would be to start using a CRM system to streamline and dramatically improve customer support.

it is estimated that companies lose at least $41 billion each year due to poor customer service

Furthermore, it is estimated that companies lose at least $41 billion each year due to poor customer service. We live in a time when even a small misstep in customer support can turn into a viral public relations disaster for any company. The internet is littered with examples of brands waiting far too long to respond to negative posts, or different accounts making things worse by responding to the same customer with conflicting answers, or — in the case of British Airways — not even being aware that a negative tweet is being promoted to tens of thousands of users.

These are exactly the kinds of problems that can be prevented with a CRM. Using Salesforce Desk, you can make sure that any potential customer service problems are addressed before they even happen, and when you can’t act pre-emptively, you can use everything you now understand about your customers to act appropriately.

The best thing about services like Desk however, are the vast benefits that they can provide in actually boosting a business and aiding growth. Check out what Desk can do for you, learn more about this platform or start a free trial now, without risk or commitment. Customers are the most important part of any business, and the best tools are needed in order to keep them. That’s what a CRM like Desk will provide.

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