With inputs from Deepu Chacko, Senior Director, Solution Engineering

Businesses in the financial services sector today must take decisions at warp speed, whether figuring out product pricing and customer-centric credit policies, or doing risk assessment right. Using public cloud providers makes it easy to access data on the go for informed decision-making. But when companies run critical business functions and operations on a public cloud, they also need to consider certain key aspects such as:

  • Availability: collecting relevant data, particularly first party, and providing it to authorised users when they need it. Your cloud infrastructure should support the right channels, integrations, and compute capacity to ensure a seamless exchange of information amongst business stakeholders.
  • Confidentiality: the encryption of both data in transit and at rest, and the availability of access control options to restrict unauthorised data usage.
  • Integrity: maintaining data accuracy and real-time updates, with no tampering or modification whatsoever.

Amping up cloud benefits with Salesforce Hyperforce

Now add a layer to this: your customer data residing on Salesforce Customer 360 for a holistic view of the customer. How do you ensure that it’s only accessed by people who need this access? How do you adhere to local data regulations while making data globally accessible?

Consider this: On any given day, Salesforce customers deliver an average of 2.6 billion marketing messages, create 4 million leads, and log 19.7 million customer service conversations, while Salesforce Einstein delivers more than 80 billion AI predictions.

That is a lot of data.

Realising the fluidity of today’s business environment and the massive changes sweeping across every industry, Salesforce has reimagined its platform architecture: Hyperforce. With Hyperforce, Salesforce customers get enhanced data security and privacy when they build custom applications using the Salesforce Platform, or use any product from the vast Salesforce suite.

What does this mean to you, as a Salesforce user?

Instead of having an abstract, self-service cloud infrastructure (aka public cloud providers) you now have an architecture especially designed to help you scale business faster, and more securely. Here’s how:

• Centralise data control through restricted user access

Using the Zero Trust principle, all the best security practices have been standardised. This means that whenever there is a new security protocol, it’s applied automatically and consistently across the infrastructure. You don’t need to worry about defining new access rules because ‘if they aren’t verified, they don’t get access.’ After all, that’s what the Zero Trust approach to security is all about. 

For instance, the senior managers of a company may have the right to access specific data and share it with external partners, while a junior associate may not have the same rights.

• Comply with global regulations while enjoying local storage zones

Some highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare have a different set of compliances that need to be followed. For instance, data needs to be locally stored.

With Hyperforce in action, customers can innovate freely and tap into new opportunities the world over, but get to choose the location for their data storage with zero worries around data security and compliance.

• Scale fluidly without the hassle of reconfiguration

With the new infrastructure architecture, you can deploy Salesforce apps and services using the agility and scale of public clouds. Enjoy true cloud elasticity - your needs are recalibrated depending on your requirements. You don’t have to worry about making patches or changes to resources since Salesforce Hyperforce will replace it en masse with each updated version.

• Equip your engineering teams while making your business future proof

Your engineering teams can stay focused on building features your customers want, while Salesforce has your back with the cloud-native architecture of Hyperforce. Your teams can provide a world class experience to customers, and simultaneously scale up Salesforce apps.

Accelerate business with Hyperforce

Deploy solutions at scale in more locations around the world using the public cloud. Enjoy faster in-country performance and reduced latency, while ensuring built-in compliance with global security protocols.

Keep your data secure and accessible

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