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Udit Gupta

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Udit Gupta, an ex-entrepreneur, is a techie-turned -product-manager with around 7 years of experience in Indian consumer internet. Just after graduation, he started his journey with Headstrong capital markets and after a year he started his consumer internet journey with a startup on loyalty programs and has since helped prospective home-buyers find affordable properties, started his ventures to connect users with doctors and helped creating their real time medical history (got acqui-hired), connecting pet-parents with veterinary doctors ad creating their health records and is now striving to make the Indian bus journey predictable. In his current stint as Senior Product Manager at redBus, he leads Payments and Customer Experience products. Udit is a sports enthusiast. He has devoured the works of Sigmund Freud during his college days and these days reads about epic quests to solve some of the greatest mathematical problems. He also loves solving Samurai Sudokus and playing Tabla.

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