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Infographic: Human vs Automated Customer Service – Make The Right Choice ?

Infographic: Human Customer Service vs Automation - Is your Business Making the Right Choice?

For businesses to deliver high-quality customer experience (CX), customer service must be prompt, empathetic, and contextual. By supporting their human agents with technology and automation, businesses can not just ace CX but unlock new opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell, and do more. Find out how.

By automating frontline customer service for speed and cost efficiencies – and minimising the role of human customer service representatives (CSR) in driving customer experience – companies could miss out on a huge opportunity. 86% of consumers prefer interacting with humans than chatbots. And that’s because human CSRs are capable of empathetic conversations and taking prompt yet informed decisions for their customers.

Companies, therefore, should leverage technology and automation to support (and not replace) their human CSRs and unlock new business opportunities.

A business can build substantial CX differentiation by lifting customer service out of its silo. Find out how you can build bridges between customer service and other related functions to map complete customer journeys and identify new opportunities to delight the customer.

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