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Winter ’11 automatically introduces Chatter, a brand-new, private and secure way to collaborate at work. As you prepare to rollout Chatter, take advantage of these resources to get your users—and yourself—ready for Chatter and the new look of Salesforce.


Rollout planRollout plan

Not sure where to start? Check out our rollout plan. We’ll guide you through the process of preparing your organization to get the most out of Chatter.

Activation guideActivation guide

You’re just a few steps away from Chatter! Here’s your guide to activating and setting up Chatter for your company.


Answers to the most-common questions about Chatter from your fellow Salesforce administrators.

Email templatesEmail templates

Browse our library of email templates for spreading the word about Chatter within your organization.

As with most new Salesforce features, Chatter is now available to you at no extra cost. If you’re not yet ready to roll out Chatter to your company, please follow these simple steps to turn it off:

1. Log in to Salesforce
2. Click Setup at the top of the window
2. In the left menu, under App Setup, click Customize
3. Click Chatter, then Settings
4. Click Edit, uncheck Enable Chatter, then click Save

You can follow this same process to enable Chatter again when you are ready to roll it out.

In the meantime, learn how more than 20,000 of our customers are using Chatter.

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