For administrators: Rollout plan

Sample Chatter Rollout plan - Best Practice for Success

Note: Your strategy for rolling out Chatter will be as unique as your organization. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks depending on the number of users and their comfort with social media tools. Below we outline a sample Chatter rollout strategy for a mid-sized to large organization. Use this plan as a starting point to design the right timeline and plan for your own Chatter rollout.


Step 1: Read about Chatter

Start by reading up on Chatter: how it works, how companies are using it, and how it could help your organization. We’ve gathered everything you need to read in a single Web page focused on getting started with Chatter. Be sure to check out the examples: The best way to understand and explain what Chatter could do for your company is to get familiar with concrete use cases.

Step 2: Learn how to turn Chatter on

Spend a few minutes learning how to turn on Chatter for your company, exploring the different setup options, and seeing how Salesforce will change--both visually and functionally--for your users.

Step 3: Craft your message to management

It’s a good idea to educate and inform your executive sponsor(s) about Chatter, so they can help establish a Chatter culture and make sure your deployment is a smashing success. We’ve even provided a few communication templates (coming soon) to get you started. You can customize them for your organization or write your own.

Step 4: Meet with key stakeholders

Set up a call or meeting with key Salesforce stakeholders to discuss the Chatter rollout and address any questions. This will ensure that the right people are on board and will help your deployment be more successful. You might even want to use Chatter to create a “Chatter” group, invite your executive sponsors and stakeholders to join, and post links to relevant materials to the group. This is a Chatter use case in itself!

Step 5: Hold a Webinar for your users

Webinars are a great way to highlight what your company can do with Chatter. Include business use cases, do’s and don’ts, and examples of how other companies are using Chatter. Be sure to record your Webinar and make it available for playback on demand for anyone who misses the live event. Here's an example of a recorded Webinar we held for's internal users and our customers.

Step 6: Activate Chatter for your company

Turn Chatter on for your organization outside of business hours. Then send a communication to your users linking to Chatter resources and telling them where they can go for more information and help (like this example email template). If you created a Chatter group, invite everyone to the Chatter group so they start to understand how to use it.

Step 7: Hold a Q&A session

Set up a live call or meeting where users can ask questions and share feedback or suggestions. This is also a great forum to share additional resources and showcase great examples of how your colleagues are using Chatter. Invite attendees to share their Chatter stories!

Step 8: Highlight the ways your organization is using Chatter

Showcasing your company’s own great Chatter examples is the perfect way to educate users and build momentum and excitement. Share Chatter stories via email, departmental or company-wide meetings, or any methods of communication that are popular in your company.

Step 9: Take Chatter to the next level with free add-ons

On the ChatterExchange you can find lots of great add-ons that make Chatter an even more fun and productive tool. Check it out: You might discover apps that will take your Chatter usage to a whole new level.

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