Communicate to your company

Tell everyone Chatter is coming

Before you launch Chatter, tell your employees and organization that it's coming. Here are some different ways you can communicate about Chatter.

Define a clear value proposition
Explain through email, Webinars, or phone calls why Chatter is a game-changer for your organization. Here’s an example:

Chatter can help make Acme a more successful company and a more cohesive community by —

  • Breaking down silos across geographic and organizational boundaries
  • Helping us seize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with global accounts
  • Providing leadership insight into all parts of the organization
  • Giving every employee a chance to speak and be heard

Plan ahead
Plan out your pre-launch, launch, and post-launch communications to keep the momentum going and awareness high.

Part of your pre-launch communication strategy could be to use a drip email campaign. Send an email one month before the launch date to your whole organization about Chatter and its benefits. Send another every week until launch with new information to get everyone excited.

Another part of your pre-launch communications could be to highlight how to use Chatter through videos. Either you can record your own or use one of the ones we’ve created.

During launch, have fun spreading the word about your Chatter deployment. Try putting up posters in offices that describe how to use Chatter, throw launch parties with cakes and balloons, set up dedicated Webinars to train people, or even hire a photographer to take profile pictures for employees.

Post launch, we recommend redirecting all collaboration to Chatter. Encourage employees to stop using email distribution lists and communicate through Chatter groups instead.  Suggest that conversations about group projects take place on Chatter. Post company-wide communication to Chatter in place of sending emails.

Email templates to communicate about Chatter

Email your users
Use this email template to tell your users about Chatter. This is a great way to get everyone excited and explain how to use Chatter.

Email your executive team
Use this email template to inform your executives about Chatter. When executives start using Chatter, employees will see how the tool works for your company. Executive adoption is the best way to ensure high user adoption.