Join and create groups

Collaborate and share information in one central location

Chatter groups reduce email, make collaboration easier, take project management to another level, and are a great way to keep up with your team. Here are some groups that have been successful at other companies. Remember, groups can be either public for every employee or private for select people.



To get you started quickly, here is a list of sample groups.

All company (public) - Add all employees to this group to discuss company-wide topics and make announcements.

My team (private) - Add team members to this group to discuss projects you're working on, give feedback, and share presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

Competitive (public) - Connect customer-facing employees with competitive and product experts in your company to crowdsource answers and beat the competition.

Product feedback (public) - R&D and engineering teams love Chatter because they can get feedback from sales and customer service on what clients are saying about their products.

Marketing (private) - Share concepts for creative campaigns, event details, and brainstorm marketing ideas with the whole team.

Sales (public) - Sales employees can share stories, best practices, tips for winning, and get feedback on deals.

Human Resources (private) - Discuss employee issues, compensation, benefits, bonuses, and morale in a private, confidential group so sensitive emails aren’t forwarded on.

Customer meetings (private) - Create groups where all the key players on a deal can collaborate more easily on presentations, agendas, and products. For example, start a group for a customer visit called “Acme July Meeting” and invite sales, technical specialists, marketing, support, and engineering to align everyone.