Post status updates

Share information more effectively with your coworkers

Using status updates you can quickly post a file, link, or update that all of your followers will see in their Chatter feeds. Other people in your company can then comment on your post and engage in a conversation right in the feed.


Here are some important points to keep in mind when making status updates:

  • If you create a public group, anyone can see posts on the group, whether they're members of the group or not.
  • Posts made in a private group can only be seen by members who have been added by the group owner.
  • If you make a post on a record (i.e. account or opportunity), only users who have full or read-only access to that record can see your post.
  • Post "up the chain" to reach a broader audience. For example if you manage a product datasheet and want to let all your sales reps know about a new version,go to the profile of a someone with a large number of followers, like a director or VP of sales, and post the file to their feed so all their followers will see it.

Chatter etiquette

Do Don’t
  • Do participate by asking and answering questions and sharing information
  • Do keep your posts relevant to work
  • Do keep it brief
  • Do use Chatter to address a wider audience and get feedback
  • Do use groups rather than email distribution lists for collaboration
  • Do post files instead of emailing attachmentsChatty do's
  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your HR team or executives to read
  • Don’t write long-winded posts
  • Don’t use Chatter to replace an in-person conversation
  • Don’t post confidential information on profiles or public groups
  • Don’t post personal messages that aren’t relevant to your business
  • Don’t post the same thing to multiple peopleChatty don'ts