Salesforce India: Taking Care of One Another During Unimaginable Crisis


July 22, 2021

Michele Nyrop


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world hard. Though the first wave of the pandemic in India slowed over the winter, allowing the government to relax restrictions across the country, the cases suddenly spiked again, creating a second wave in April 2021. An already-stressed healthcare infrastructure made this wave even more catastrophic than the first.

With over 4,000 employees calling India home, our first priority was ensuring that they are able to stay safe and healthy. The second wave posed even more challenges than the first, with the added element of vaccine availability. So when the second wave hit, we immediately sprung into action. Our recent recognition as a Great Place to Work validates the employee-centric approach that Salesforce India swiftly put into place. Here are some of the things we did for our employees:

Mental wellbeing sessions and check-ins: Whether directly or indirectly, the uncertainty and isolation of the pandemic has taken a significant toll on the mental and physical health of most. We began offering a series of mental wellbeing sessions with renowned Psychiatrists Dr. Kim Norman and Dr. Mahima Muralidharan. The sessions focused on safeguarding mental health while keeping up with pandemic exhaustion; supporting colleagues through tough times; and overcoming anxiety by taking time to pause and renew. Through Slack, we also conducted regular formal check-ins to make sure employees and their families were safe and cared for.

Vaccination Camps: In addition to disseminating information, supporting local vaccination sites, and providing transportation to vaccination sites, Salesforce organised vaccination camps at each of the India campuses for Salesforce employees and their families.

Gathering from anywhere: Though being physically together isn’t possible, our employees have created unique virtual experiences to stay in touch and stay engaged. From a virtual summer camp for Little Salesforce members and cultural immersion sessions, to virtual yoga sessions and virtual Escape Room competitions, Salesforce India continues to offer opportunities for team members to connect, socialise, learn, and explore together.

Medical supply support: The country is still experiencing a shortage of oxygen concentrators, as these are not only important devices for COVID-19 patients, but others with respiratory conditions as well. Team India continues to offer rent-free oxygen concentrators — equipment and usage support — to Salesforce families.

At Salesforce, we’re more than a tech company. We’re a family. Though the pandemic continues to bring unimaginable challenges, our employees continue to rise to the occasion; showcasing that by coming together, we can provide crucial support for the communities where we live and work.

Even during these challenging times, our team in India continues to cultivate its culture to one where employees can grow, innovate, and make a difference — not just in India, but around the world. The continued hard work and focus on customers, employees, and community has contributed to our #7 spot on Great Place to Work’s 2021 list of India’s Best Places to Work. We have moved up from the #33 ranking in 2020, and this demonstrates that by reaching out with empathy and making our employees our focus, we can make a significant impact. We are humbled to be awarded this incredible honour, and are inspired and motivated to continue moving forward.

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