May 31, 2018 by Mohan Iyer

How Perpetual Learning Drives Success for Engineers at Salesforce

Meet Mohan Iyer, a Senior Manager on our Customer Centric Engineering team in Hyderabad, as he shares how working with the best and brightest engineers in the business gives him the opportunity to learn something new every day. 

How did your Salesforce adventure begin?

It was towards the end of 2016 that I was beginning to look for a change. A friend of mine introduced me to someone at Salesforce. And then one thing led to other and soon I was lined up for interviews. My Salesforce adventure officially began with the interview process beginning of 2017. 

You left an enterprise competitor company to join the salesforce ohana. What inspired you to leave?

I was at an Enterprise competitor for a long time. I felt like I had hit the ceiling and was struggling to find learning and growth opportunities. At the same time, my family and I felt the need to move to a better city so that we can lead a better quality of life. Due to a long commute to work, my stress levels were high and my work-life balance was in a mess. As soon I had the opportunity with Salesforce, we relocated and have not looked back. My work/life balance has definitely improved. I sometimes do need to take late night calls with the US West Coast, but staying in touch with our headquarters is an important part of my role.

What are you most proud of about your role at Salesforce?

I am proud of everything that my team does every day. We have very smart teams at Salesforce. Working with the best of the best and addressing tough customer issues makes everyday different and every customer issue unique. There is always something to learn every single day. 

What is the value or impact of the work that you do at Salesforce?

Salesforce's multi-tenant model has provided me with limitless possibilities for learning and growth. As part of the Customer Centric Engineering, my team is the bridge between the engineering teams and the support teams and we help ensure customer retention and satisfaction. We sit within the R&D organization and investigate, reproduce, and diagnose complex technical issues that affect our customers. My team also develops and build tools which help us monitor and resolve technical issues in the complex multi-tenant cloud environment. Everything we do directly impacts customer retention - we are in the business of making our customers successful, which in turn, makes us successful. 

You've been here about a year - what's something you learned in your first year that surprised you?

Our Values (Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality) - As our CEO Marc Benioff says, “The business of business is to improve the state of the world”. Salesforce is a company with its heart in the right place. The values that define us and our culture are so refreshing.

Giving Back - It is only after I joined that I began to actively give back to the society and I enjoy it immensely. There are multiple volunteering options in Hyderabad. The activity I did the most often last year was with a local eye institute where we converted scanned books into text so that they could print them in Braille. This year I am part of the Earthforce Hyderabad leadership team and help drive events and activities relevant to sustainability.

Transparency - The fact that every employee publicly shares their V2MOM is completely unique to Salesforce. V2MOM stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures, and it's the way the entire company stays aligned to accomplish a common goal. Given our breakneck speed of growth, the most important things are constant communication and complete alignment. The V2MOM allows for both of those things! Learn more about our V2MOM process here.

Having access to everyone's V2MOMs takes transparency to a completely new level, kills workplace politics and enforces trust within our company.

Why Salesforce, why now?

If anyone is interested in challenging themselves in a fast-paced environment and is a perpetual learner, then Salesforce is the right place for you. Salesforce in India is growing exponentially. The India Center of Excellence is not a remote location but an equal partner with other locations in taking the company to new levels. A “Center of Excellence” means that Salesforce India will be a hub office that brings together best practices in program development, deployment and measurement and will ultimately lead to more success for our customers in the region. 

Quick facts about me:

I am a happy-go-lucky person who takes life as it is and love interacting with people. I thrive in fast-paced environments. My family includes my parents, wife and two kids, who are eleven and three. I love traveling. I am a roadie (love long car trips) and am very happy in the midst of nature. My favourite road trip is to coastal India and my favourite holidays are somewhere in the Himalayas.

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