Bringing the full power of Salesforce to India.

A snapshot for all resources available to employees in India and their loved ones during this difficult time.

Payout and Salary Advance

One time payout of 15K to employees and salary advances available. Additional financial assistance under CAREforce relief fund.

$6 Million (USD) Donation Impacting Lives of 200,000 People

Supporting medical supplies, vaccine awareness and distribution, food and security.

Vaccination Support

COVID-19 vaccination drive, to facilitate vaccination support as well as vaccination reimbursement for our employees.

Time Off Programs

Paid Time Off
Wellness Time Off
Flexible Working Hours



Dedicated Task Force

Meeting daily to ensure a coordinated and impactful response.

Connecting Plasma Donors to Donees

Facilitating conversations between employee donors and donees.


Helping employees and their dependants to connect with healthcare providers virtually to discuss health concerns. 

Daily Wellbeing Check-In

New wellbeing check-in via Slack to stay connected and take care of our employees across the country. 

Medical Supply Delivery

6,000+ Oxygen Concentrators and 10,000 Oximeters delivered through partnerships with the Red Cross and GiveIndia.

Established Volunteer Helpline

24/7 call center providing crowdsourced information of medical supply availability.

Rent Free Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrator available to employees and their families rent free right at their doorstep.

Discounted Hotel Rates

Discounted hotel rates providing employees or their families a place to stay to avoid infection if someone at home tests positive.