University Recruiting Programs


An internship is a paid assignment providing students the chance to receive a meaningful work experience. An intern candidate is a student who has completed his or her freshman year of college. We offer internship assignments to undergraduate- and graduate-level students, as well to some doctoral students. As an intern, you'll work in a professional, collaborative environment under the supervision of a manager. Intern assignments typically run for 12 weeks and do not count for academic credit.



A co-op is a paid work assignment for students who are interested in a four-month cooperative education (co-op) experience related to their academic degree.


MBA Program

We recruit top MBA talent who are currently enrolled in accredited, leading universities across the United States for an intensive 12-week internship. An MBA internship is a paid assignment through which you’re involved in a variety of special projects and assignments. Areas of focus include Product Marketing, CFL, Finance & Strategy, Treasury, Revenue Operations, Corporate Marketing, and Human Resources. We offer a challenging and rewarding business experience that will position you as a valuable team contributor.

MBA Program

Rotational Program: The Financial Management Program

The goal of our Financial Management Program is to build the Finance organization’s management pipeline by recruiting passionate and talented undergraduates and MBAs. Successful candidates will have a combination of superior academic and extracurricular achievement. The program provides its members with exceptional opportunities to develop their professional careers through rotational assignments in a variety of financial disciplines. Tailored training programs supplement their on-the-job development.

Rotational Program

Program members will complete three assignments in three of the following disciplines over a three-year period:

  • Controller’s Organization Associate
  • Global Sourcing Partner
  • Finance & Strategy Associate
  • Internal Audit Associate
  • Treasury Associate
  • Revenue Operations Project Manager/Process Analyst