Chapter 5

How to craft a CRM strategy for your business.

Building a successful CRM system isn’t just about choosing the right technology. You also need the right CRM strategy in place from a business perspective. Here are seven steps to build a winning plan:

1. Define your vision.

Successful sales leaders know the value of having a clear, repeatable, action-oriented vision that your team can rally around. It can be many things, from becoming market leader for sales in your region, to redefining customer service within your industry. Make your vision both aspirational enough to have an impact, and clear enough that the entire organisation can understand it.

2. Define your strategy.

Strategy is what makes your vision achievable. Say you want to be a market leader for sales. Do you do this by competing on price, or by offering different products, or by emphasizing your great after-sales service? It's critical to plan your method for reaching your goals.