Partner service

With Salesforce, you can let partners take care of service issues for you, or work closely together to keep joint customers happy. Easily deploy a portal in which your partners can create and update cases, or even share information in real time with other companies that use Salesforce.


Outsource your service to support partners


Outsource your service management by allowing third-party service reps to manage customer cases via the partner portal. Service partners can do everything they need to resolve customer support issues: search the solution database, log cases, make case comments, and run reports.

Team with partners for better service

Today, service issues can span across companies. Whether you work with wholesalers, retailers, or OEM’s, Salesforce CRM lets you share customer information, cases, and knowledge so customers get the best answers, wherever they go for service.

Deliver the right answer the first time


Your customers and partners want answers fast. But it's not always easy to search through thousands of potential, and often irrelevant, solutions. Salesforce CRM’s solutions technology lets you pinpoint what’s relevant to a partner… in real time.