Chatter sales collaboration tools

Real-time collaboration

Tap into your organization’s collective intelligence to reduce escalations and close cases faster. Agents can benefit from all the knowledge in your company—they don’t even need to know whom to ask. And because you can follow not just people, but knowledge articles and cases, you’ll always know when an article or the status of a case is updated. It’s instant and automatic.


Share your expertise

Company directories with a sea of faceless names are a thing of the past. Get to know more about your company, your colleagues, and the experts residing within your company using Salesforce Chatter. Begin by creating a profile with your photo and areas of expertise. Colleagues interested in learning from you and what you’re up to can follow you — and you can do the same. Salesforce Chatter provides a fast and easy way to share important information, including quick solutions to your customers’ questions.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keep your colleagues informed of what you’re doing, from anywhere. Just answer the question, “What are you working on?” Ask questions and share insights through real-time updates to keep everyone looped in, prevent duplication of effort, and shrink the time it takes to get help on your most complex cases. You can even share files and links to provide more service case details or get input on your work. .

Collaborate with your team instantly

Getting things done just got easier. Chatter Groups helps teams get organized, share information, and collaborate on important documents and service issues. Groups are easy to create and even easier to use. The dedicated group feed filters activities — making it easy for both newbies and veterans to follow along — and keeps relevant information in one place. You can even set up private groups for designated colleagues to collaborate on sensitive projects.

Get real-time updates pushed to you

How do you remain in the loop always? You monitor the people, cases, accounts, and groups that matter to you most in one spot. With real-time feeds, your agents can collaborate to resolve complex cases and customer questions. Filtering tools help you fine-tune your feeds, so you can focus on what’s important and screen out the rest.

Collaborate in context on documents

Ever have trouble finding or sharing documents with colleagues? Chatter Content makes that a thing of the past. Now the documents you need are available — instantly and securely — right from your browser. You can even preview them before downloading. And, by sharing through Chatter, you connect the documents directly to the discussion to quickly make your point.

Know what’s changed in your apps

Salesforce Chatter brings collaboration to all of your applications. Now you can join forces on sales opportunities, customer support cases, and even any custom objects you've built. When a record you’re tracking is changed, the update is posted to your feed automatically. Every record in Chatter has its own feed, so everyone involved can receive alerts, post updates, and make comments right away.

Control who sees what

See everything you need to see — and nothing you don’t. Because Salesforce Chatter is built on the App Cloud platform, it benefits from a sophisticated sharing model. And because it’s easy to set up, you can keep the right people in the know and keep sensitive information private, even during personnel changes.