Contracts and entitlements

Service contracts and entitlements let agents instantly match customers with the appropriate level of service, and manage per-customer service costs more effectively. Want to know how a case is progressing? With the intuitive service timeline, agents and supervisors can easily track second-to-second progress against service milestones to make sure service level agreements are being met.


Get an instant view of service milestones

With an easy-to-read visual timeline of service milestones, agents immediately see what needs to get done — and when. Zoom in for a close-up of second-to-second progress. Zoom out for the big picture over minutes or hours.

Create and update contracts in seconds

Need to manage service contracts? No problem. Use the powerful contracts capabilities to quickly create service entitlement levels — per product, per service type, per contact — so every customer gets great service, every time.

Give customers the best service possible

With service level entitlements at their fingertips, your agents can always give customers the best level of service possible. They’re also in a position to propose additional services for customers requiring extra care.

Track approaching milestones using Chatter

How do you keep customer satisfaction levels high? Chatter feeds deliver instant alerts of upcoming service milestones, so agents can make speedy progress on resolving critical cases more efficiently.