The first place many people turn for answers today—including answers about your products and services—is the Internet. And in particular: Google. With the Service Cloud, you can be sure they find the knowledge and information that you want to share. Turn every Web search into a case deflection for faster service and lower costs.


Show your knowledge in Google search results

With the Service Cloud, you can make your knowledge base answers accessible through Google, or any search engine, so customers get the trusted help they’re seeking.

Share answers without requiring a login

Why keep answers locked up in your call center or behind a login? Salesforce CRM lets your customers quickly find them, any time, right on your Web site.

Expose service information on a public Web page

App Cloud sites technology lets you share product, company, or service information on a public Web page. And like everything in Salesforce CRM, it’s all in the cloud. There’s nothing for you to host and no servers to manage.