4 Examples of Businesses Leveraging CRM to Improve Productivity and Efficiency.

Research conducted by Google and CEB indicates that customers that are emotionally connected to a brand are twice as likely to purchase a product or service, and are four-times as likely to defend their purchase decisions. This shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, customers are the mortar that keep businesses from falling apart, so it only makes sense that happy, invested customers are the underlying foundation for success.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology that allows businesses both large and small to organise, automate, and synchronise every facet of customer interaction. CRM system examples include marketing, sales, customer service, and support. Most CRM platforms involve businesses analysing customer interactions and improving the customer relationship.

This technology has been widely embraced throughout the business world. In fact, Gartner Research predicts that by the year 2017, CRM will have grown to encompass a world-wide market of approximately $36 billion.

Of course, if you’re considering investing in a CRM solution, you’re probably less interested in the big numbers, and more concerned with how companies such as yours can use CRM to improve their business. Let’s take a look at four case studies of CRM success stories, so that you can see for yourself exactly how CRM has helped businesses of all sizes perfect the art of customer satisfaction.


Westfield’s business is all about selling. The company, which owns and operates 100+ shopping centres worldwide, is expert in helping retailers build thriving businesses. Westfield’s own business is also flourishing because of a custom lease management app built on App Cloud that lets the company do more to help its customers meet their goals.

Westfield’s specialty leasing group — which sells retail carts, kiosks, temporary stores, sponsorships, and brand activations, as well as trade shows and other special events — wanted to improve the way its sales reps find and showcase inventory to customers so they could close more deals, faster.

“With Salesforce we have new levels of cross-selling and communication. It’s really transformed our business,” explains Jeri Erling, Senior Director, Specialty Leasing.

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Best Technology Services.

In an industry that competes primarily on costs, Best Technology Services competes based on its incredible reach. The IT services firm delivers more than 250,000 field service jobs a year throughout Australia – even in the most remote locations. And while its competitors rely heavily on partners and subcontractors, Best Technology Services subcontracts less than 1% of its jobs.

The firm has a 300-strong team that stretches from Sydney to Perth, covering all the regional areas in between. Today, these technicians are all connected on Salesforce Field Service. So whether a customer requires a one time installation or 700 branch upgrade, Best Technology Services can ensure consistent results.

“By employing our own national field services team and enabling them with Salesforce, we can provide the same great service to everyone, no matter where in Australia they’re based,” said John McVicker, Founder and Managing Director of Best Technology Services. “We can differentiate ourselves in a more meaningful way.”

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Starlight Children’s Foundation.

For a child, going to hospital can be frightening and it is easy for them to get lost in their illness. It’s also difficult for parents and siblings who are anxious, exhausted and spending each day in a sterile hospital. That’s why Starlight Children’s Foundation steps in to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families. With programs like its Starlight Express Rooms, Captain Starlight, livewire.org and wish granting experiences, Starlight helps seriously ill children to be kids again and interact with siblings in a fun environment. It also gives parents a break, letting them enjoy the relief of seeing their child with a smile on their face.

Louise Baxter, CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation, said technology will play a crucial role in helping it to scale its mission and bring joy to the lives of more families. Against this backdrop, it’s partnered with Salesforce and developed a bold vision and roadmap to double its fundraising over the next three years.

“We want to be an organisation that’s smart, agile and mobile. Working with Salesforce has helped us achieve exactly that and connect with the community more deeply,” Baxter said.”

Starlight brightens the lives of seriously ill children with Salesforce

SP Screens.

SP Screens is a dynamic, fast growing small business which offers secure and stylish screening solutions tailored to any home. An essential feature of modern Australian homes, screens help keep unwanted insects and intruders out while keeping children safely inside. The challenge for customers is finding products and installation services that live up to the quality that’s promised.

“There have been many new players arriving on the scene, promising the world and then— more often than not— failing to deliver. We’ve taken a different approach by putting the customer first and working exclusively with leading products and brands,” said Danielle Ozolins, Group General Manager at SP Screens.

The business is fuelling its ambitions and changing the way business gets done with Salesforce.

“We work in an industry where the majority of providers still rely on paper, Salesforce has helped us to connect our business digitally and take the lead on service,” said Ozolins. “It’s created a better experience for our employees and helped us attract new talent.”

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As with the above examples, CRM has helped businesses around the globe enhance their customer relationships, perfect their own internal processes, optimise communication and collaboration, and improve lead conversion rates by by up to 300%.

Speak with your employees, listen to consumer feedback, and determine exactly what kind of CRM solutions are best for your organisation. Whether large or small, your business depends on keeping its customers happy. Do so by investing in an effective CRM, and you might just be the next CRM success story.

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