With Salesforce we can reach our customers with the right information at the right time. It’s building loyalty and increasing profitability.”

Miguel Pereira, Founder

With everyone more connected than ever, the state of play and family interactions are changing. Children are interacting with machines from an earlier age, gaining math and science skills along the way. It’s creating opportunity but also challenging families to find more quality time together. Enter ZOOMOOV. This Singapore-based business was founded to help families interact in new ways and it’s now expanding its mission locally and abroad with the help of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

ZOOMOOV’s vision to enrich family life has kick-started its success in children’s entertainment. In the last 2 years, it’s amassed 16 outlets in Singapore and 20 franchises across Indonesia, Malaysia and Portugal. With the help of Salesforce, the business is growing customer loyalty and trailblazing new ways for families to bond.

Its flagship offering is an animal-themed electronic ride which parents can hire out for kids in large shopping malls. The rides have proved popular with families, solidifying ZOOMOOV’s early success and earning it recognition from Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development. Now, ZOOMOOV is tapping into analytics from Salesforce to sell smarter and drive the creation of new business lines.

“Our research with parents has shown that they identify ZOOMOOV with the opportunity to bond and have fun with their kids. At the same time, we’ve realised other challenges that parents face in developing their kids. One of those we’re looking to tackle next is the development of kids’ soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills,” said Miguel Pereira, Partner at ZOOMOOV.

ZOOMOOV also plans to develop an online community where parents can connect with one another and find products and services tailored to their needs. The community will effectively bridge the online and offline experience for its retail customers and help maximise brand loyalty.

Salesforce has put ZOOMOOV on the fast track towards achieving its vision and plans for growth. Sales Cloud interacts with ZOOMOOV’s custom-built Point of Sale via the App Cloud to capture every customer interaction. It forms the backbone of ZOOMOOV’s customer loyalty program, capturing details that can be used to personalise offers and communication while also tracking customer behaviour.

The solution has also helped streamline operations and increase agent satisfaction, driving a 200% uplift in its agent net promotor score.

“With Salesforce we can reach our customers with the right information at the right time. It’s building loyalty and increasing profitability,” said Pereira.

Since its inception, ZOOMOOV has opened a total of 16 outlets and signed on 35,000 members in Singapore alone. It expects to double its members in 2017 while also increasing revenue from its franchise operations.

“Revenue from franchises can be very difficult to control but with Salesforce we can get greater insight into how our products are performing and make the right decisions to increase sales,” explained Pereira. “It’s a win for ZOOMOOV and for our franchisees.”

The recent implementation of Wave Analytics will aid the discovery of even more data to help ZOOMOOV make smart decisions based on data insights, and grow the business.

“Now that we have the right technology in place to scale the business, it’s just a matter of creating more ways to help strengthen family bonds,” said Pereira.


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