With Salesforce, we are investing in customer-centricity, so we can provide the best experience to our customers.”

Archit Gupta | Founder and CEO, ClearTax


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During taxing times, ClearTax is putting customers first with Salesforce

Founded in 2011, ClearTax offers solutions for e-filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR) and GST compliance. Today, it is the largest ITR filing platform in India with around six lakh businesses, 60,000 CAs and tax professionals, and over 1,200 large enterprises using its GST software for GST compliant billing and GST returns.

“We are a tax technology company with a very clear objective – to simplify taxes and compliances for our customers,” says Archit Gupta, Founder and CEO, ClearTax. To ClearTax, customer-centricity means offering every customer a simple, seamless and consistent experience on their platform.

“Our mission is to simplify the financial lives of Indians and Indian businesses by offering our customers an experience which is consistent and reliable,” says Gupta. 

With a clear customer-first value rooted deep in the company’s culture, ClearTax even evaluates employee performance against customer milestones. 

“A customer’s goal becomes our internal goal. Our employees are measured against how many customers were able to meet tax filing deadlines,” says Gupta. 

This customer-first focus helped ClearTax grow quickly; what they now needed was the right platform to help them scale. 

Engaging actively with customers during the Covid-19 crisis

When the Enterprise division of ClearTax approached Salesforce, they had grown 5x in a span of six months. However, with data residing across different spreadsheets, they lacked a unified view of the business and their customers. Key Account Managers wanted full visibility and real-time data on their customers. Also, siloed data made internal collaboration a challenge. 

“Our customers loved the experience of our online platform for e-filing of GST. But, as with the adoption of any new tool, they sometimes faced technical challenges,” says Gupta. “When a customer is not able to use a tool effectively, they could develop negative feelings towards it. And we will only be able to provide a positive experience if we are able to proactively identify their struggles and offer timely help.”

This need to proactively reach out to customers to support them has become even more important during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown. Customers do not have direct access to their CAs and auditors, and frequently changing government regulations and deadlines are adding to their confusion. 

The ClearTax leadership team also wanted to support their employees during this time and ensure that they could continue to work remotely and efficiently. What they needed was a single, unified platform that would help sales and service teams collaborate and deliver a consistent customer experience. 

“As a cloud-based solution, we have the natural advantage of being accessible from anywhere. But we needed to strengthen our backend to extend support efficiently during this period,” says Gupta.

This pressing need for a platform that could help ClearTax scale their customer support led the company to quickly implement Salesforce.

Digitising processes for long-term returns

ClearTax has implemented Salesforce to help automate and streamline their sales pipeline. Using Service Cloud, the sales team will be able to efficiently monitor prospects, prioritise sales opportunities and track sales velocity and conversions.

ClearTax is also integrating the data that flows into Salesforce with their internal metabase that tracks activity on their own platform. With insight into which of their modules are being actively used by customers and which are underutilised, account managers will be able to proactively assess the needs of customers. A unified view of each customer will enable them to easily track, manage, and resolve issues. Further, the data will also help the team identify more relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities, beyond GST compliance services.

Salesforce will also be used to automate billing and renewals, reducing manual intervention across these processes. “With automation, we can expect swift approvals from finance and legal and this will help improve our conversion cycle time,” says Gupta.

“We are also using Salesforce to build a community for our CA customer-partners,” adds Gupta. Salesforce Community Cloud will offer ClearTax a complete channel management solution, helping them onboard CAs, and monitor, measure, and analyse channel sales. 

Assisting customers during these taxing times

While ClearTax has a strong vision for the digitisation of their processes, the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown became a catalyst for immediate action. Now, equipped with a single source of data on their customers, ClearTax will be able to efficiently assist customers with their tax-filings, even from a distance.

“We will now be able to help customers through their entire filing journey. With integrated data from the metabase, we will be able to track data on which step of the filing process a customer is in. We’ll know exactly where they’re stuck and can proactively reach out to them to offer assistance,” says Gupta.

Also, with all data flowing into a single system, ClearTax will be able to adapt quickly and scale customer service. In a situation where there are frequent regulatory changes, this is allowing the team to keep their customers updated with the latest information.

And ClearTax is doing more than just using technology to keep their customers abreast of changes.

“We are actively monitoring the situation and constantly communicating with our customers. We organise webinars and refresher courses to keep everyone updated,” says Gupta on the additional measures the company has undertaken.

Expanding solutions to meet growing customer needs

ClearTax expects that the implementation of Salesforce will impact their business in many ways. With a single source of customer truth, account managers will have smarter customer interactions, close deals faster, and offer their customers more relevant products.

In the backend, streamlined approvals and automatic workflows will help supercharge employee productivity. “Overall, we expect to see more integration and collaboration across sales, operations, legal, and support teams,” says Gupta

ClearTax is looking to expand their product portfolio to offer invoicing and other accounting services. With the right investments in technology, they are all set to achieve their goals.

So, why Salesforce now? Especially when companies across the world are cutting costs?

“Because we truly do walk the talk – we put our customers first. And with Salesforce, we are investing in customer-centricity, so we can provide the best experience to our customers, no matter what the situation,” concludes Gupta.


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