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We chose Salesforce because it’s an extremely versatile and easy-to-use solution. It also integrates smoothly with other enterprise applications to make customer experiences seamless.”

Sriram Arthanari | CIO, Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films packages memorable customer experiences with Salesforce

Chances are that your favourite bag of chips or bar of chocolate has been packaged in Cosmo Films’ material. The publicly listed company is one of India’s largest manufacturers and exporters of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cast polypropylene (CPP) films which are used to package and label products from major global brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, P&G, Britannia, Parle, Nestlé, and Mars.

“Our films are specially engineered to enhance product shelf life, aesthetics, and brand presentation,” says Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films. “That, coupled with our philosophy of ‘quality first, customer supreme’, has made us the supplier of choice for customers across 100 countries.” 

With multiple patents in India and the US, Cosmo Films is a bona fide innovator. Its latest inventions range from non-tearable and water-resistant synthetic paper, to recyclable heat resistant films. The company has also diversified into pet care and specialty chemicals. But products aren’t its only area of innovation.

“We’re constantly looking to improve the customer’s digital experience – be it through automation, transparency, or self-service,” says Poddar. “Salesforce has been a key enabler in these efforts.”

Sealing the cracks

Previously, the company’s sales processes were manual and time-consuming. Data on leads and customers was scattered across spreadsheets and emails, hampering visibility. Sales teams struggled to keep track of how many leads were being generated, where those leads had come from, and whether they were being followed up on properly. 

Without a unified customer view, teams also found it difficult to respond quickly to customer queries and support requests. This impacted customer trust.  

Meanwhile, management lacked timely insights on sales performance to make informed decisions. 

“With our business growing exponentially, we needed a best-in-class CRM to achieve our top-line and bottom-line targets,” recounts Pramod Patekar, CRM Manager, Cosmo Films.

“We chose Salesforce because it’s an extremely versatile and easy-to-use platform,” says Sriram Arthanari, CIO, Cosmo Films. “It also integrates smoothly with other enterprise applications to make customer experiences seamless. 

“Thanks to Salesforce, we’ve enabled customer-centric automation and proactive service, both of which are boosting customer satisfaction.”

Bagging more deals through smarter sales and customer engagement

Using Salesforce Sales Cloud, Cosmo Films has streamlined and automated its B2B sales processes – from lead management and sales forecasting, to pricing and quotation management. Leads from the corporate website flow automatically into Salesforce where teams can qualify, score, and manage them with ease.

Through the Salesforce mobile app, sales reps can access customer data, respond to hot leads, and connect with team members – all on the go. 

“We’ve seen a big improvement in sales efficiency,” says Patekar. “Teams are winning more deals, strengthening customer relationships, and accelerating revenue growth.

“Having complete visibility into our sales funnel has helped us improve our lead conversion rate by 7-8%.”

With all sales and account data consolidated in one place, teams can efficiently plan and schedule sales outreach activities.

“No longer do we have to worry about customers falling through the cracks,” says Arthanari. “With a single source of customer truth, our sales outreach has improved by 20%.”

Meanwhile, rich reports and dashboards deliver a real-time view of sales performance. 

“Gone are the days of waiting for monthly or quarterly reviews to check that sales targets are being met,” says Arthanari. “With smart analytics, we can track sales performance in detail at any time and from anywhere.”

Cosmo Films is also using Salesforce Pardot to meaningfully engage and nurture prospects and customers. Instant visibility into lead status helps marketers send the right messages to the right prospects at the right time. 

"Pardot is the perfect solution for our B2B marketing team," says Patekar. "We've built a 360-degree customer view that's helping our marketers create more powerful and results-driven marketing campaigns."


Wrap it up: Resolving customer queries faster and more satisfactorily

Previously, customers who wanted to order or enquire about a product had to call or email the sales team. Most orders took over a week to be processed.

Now, using Salesforce Experience Cloud, Cosmo Films has created a customer self-service portal where customers can directly place and track their orders. Order processing is automated and instant. So, sales teams don’t have to spend time calling and following up with customers. Also, all order-related data is consolidated on Salesforce. So, teams can track outstanding invoices and accounts receivable more effectively, and ensure that they are collected within the stipulated 30 days.

“Through customer self-service and process automation, we’ve eased the call load on our sales teams,” says Arthanari. “Reps are freed up to do what they do best – sell.”

Service has also improved with Salesforce. Now, when a customer calls in with a product enquiry, sales and support teams can view the customer’s entire purchasing history, previous queries, communications, and more. This has helped them reduce case resolution time by 25%.

“Having all our customer data in one place helps our sales and support teams collaborate more seamlessly to deliver cohesive customer experiences,” says Patekar. “Customers are delighted with the transformation.” 

To implement Salesforce, Cosmo Films enlisted the help of Tech9Logy Creators. The consulting partner helped build and launch robust functionalities on Salesforce for online order capturing, lead history tracking, and more. 

“Tech9Logy Creators’ expertise with Salesforce has helped us innovate and enhance our sales and support processes exponentially,” says Arthanari.

Breaking barriers through continuous innovation

Cosmo Films is now on track to implement more Salesforce solutions. Using Quip for Customer 360, the company wants to boost sales collaboration and productivity. With Einstein AI, they hope to strengthen lead management and customer engagement. 

The company is also looking to integrate Salesforce with SAP HANA to accelerate data entry and process agility. 

“We’re excited about building new capabilities on Salesforce – including a dedicated online customer portal for one of our group entities, and a product-based portal for our synthetic paper division,” says Arthanari. 

“The industry opportunities are incredible, and we’re just getting started,” says Poddar. “As we continue to innovate and diversify, we see Salesforce as a big driver of our growth.”


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