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We want to help more people make smart financial decisions – regardless of their net worth or financial knowledge. We’ve built a model that makes it easy to invest and with Salesforce, we’re maximising opportunities to grow.”

Sai Charan Teja, Head of Analytics


Reduction in cost of customer acquisition


Fisdom blends analytics and innovation to take investing mainstream

Fisdom is at the forefront of India’s growing fintech industry, and is breaking down barriers in a market where many consumers remain underserved. The affordability and physical accessibility of services is a challenge, but so is financial literacy. Consumers feel unequipped to invest and so leave their funds in basic savings accounts, leaving their investment goals unrealised.

The Bangalore-based startup aims to solve these challenges with an app that offers jargon-free investment advice at zero cost to the consumer. The business intelligence gained from Salesforce is powering its growth and vision to make investment advisory available to everyone.  

“We want to help more people make smart financial decisions – regardless of their net worth or financial knowledge,” said Sai Charan Teja, Head of Analytics at Fisdom. “We’ve built a model that makes it easy to invest and with Salesforce, we’re maximising opportunities to grow.” 

Smart use of data lowers cost of conversion

The Fisdom app makes it easier and more accessible for everyday consumers to invest in complex products like mutual funds.

Charan Teja  said the use of Sales Cloud helps Fisdom build trust and remove the fear that consumers may have in using the app to invest in this way. “We can have more personal conversations and build better relationships based on data. This includes data on individual leads and customers, but also analytics on the needs and behaviour of customers at each stage of the lifecycle.”

In the past, this data was held in spreadsheets and siloed across different systems and teams. It made it difficult for the startup to take action or measure the success of sales and marketing. It also hindered its ability to scale.

“We needed a way to connect all our data and make smarter decisions about how we acquire new customers and keep them engaged. Our technology partner, ET Marlabs, did a phenomenal job in implementing Salesforce with this end-goal in mind,” said Charan Teja.

"Fisdom has ambitious plans to grow and needed a platform and a partner that could keep up with their changing needs," said Sreekanth Keshava, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Delivery, ET Marlabs. "The Salesforce platform provided the robustness and flexibility Fisdom required, while ET Marlabs' philosophy of delivering to the pace of the business and always going the extra mile helped us manage the project's extraordinary timelines."

Fisdom now has a business intelligence dashboard powered by Sales Cloud which helps it to understand where customers are coming from and how they invest. It knows which partners and marketing channels generate the most ROI.

These insights are fueling fast and efficient growth. Agents are 20% more productive, making an additional 20 calls each per day and processing 64% more applications. The fintech is investing in sales and marketing initiatives with a proven impact.  As a result, lead conversion is up, while the cost of acquisition is down by almost 50%. 

Scaling success to change the way consumers invest

Fisdom is on its way to achieving its vision, and plans to enhance its product portfolio to give more people even more options to invest – whether their goal is to save for their next vacation, cover future education costs, or build wealth for their retirement. Sales Cloud will help Fisdom target the right customers with the right products at the right time, enabling it to support customers through every stage of their investment life.

For Fisdom, it’s not just about increasing the use of its app, but changing the way that consumers invest. It’s a bold vision for a small team of 20, made more attainable with Salesforce. 

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