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Our challenge is reaching potential investors and without having a retail presence in each city, we rely on technology like Salesforce.”

Juzer Tambawalla | Head of Marketing


cities across India


Franklin Templeton uses Salesforce to reach investors across India

In India, a country of more than 1.3 billion people, only about 20 million currently invest in mutual funds. This is something Franklin Templeton is on a mission to change. The company is a leader in global investing with a footprint that spans 30 countries. It launched into India in 1996 where it has helped to popularise systematic investment plans (SIPs). These plans allow customers to invest small amounts at a time and are more accessible for household investors.

“With people now able to invest with as little as 500 rupees a month, we see an exciting opportunity to increase the number of people investing in mutual funds —especially when you look at the much larger proportion of the country with access to banking services,” said Juzer Tambawalla, Head of Marketing, Franklin Templeton India. “Our challenge is reaching potential investors across India and, without a retail presence in each city, we rely on technology like Salesforce.”

Driving growth through digital engagement

Franklin Templeton began using Marketing Cloud ten years ago as a way to engage and deepen relationships with distributors. Over time, Marketing Cloud has become a valuable tool for engaging investors as well and helped the company move away from traditional marketing to focus on digital engagement.

“Today, engaging with customers in a fragmented media world is a challenge we face as an organisation. Consumers are not just looking for different experiences but also a different delivery,” said Geetanjali Sachwani, AVP – Marketing.

“Why should consumers open your email, act on it and give you their time? And that’s why Franklin Templeton has chosen the storytelling approach. Building micro-segmented user journeys gives us a totally different entry into the consumers mind.”

Now, 75% of Franklin Templeton’s marketing spend is directed towards digital channels. Campaigns are more tailored, with the company using Salesforce to segment data and personalise communication based on details like how frequently the customer transacts. In the past, this segmentation was more basic and focused on investors' demographics rather than behaviour.

Search and social media are especially important for attracting new investors, and Advertising Studio helps Franklin Templeton reach its ideal audiences on these platforms. It also helps optimise advertising spend by allowing the company to narrowly target those who have searched for information related to mutual funds or otherwise shown intent to invest.

"Moving to digital and using Salesforce supports our broad coverage strategy. It helps us to be present at the right place, at the right time and attract leads from more than 250 cities," said Tambawalla. “We could not achieve this through our sales team or distributors alone.”


Using Salesforce and technologies like artificial intelligence, we can start to talk to customers in a way that's customised and makes them feel the communication is meant only for them.”


Hyper-personalisation helps expanding investor portfolios

Franklin Templeton is also using Salesforce to personalise the experience of its existing investors, and ensure they have the right mix of products to support their short- and long-term goals. It uses custom email journeys and targeted social campaigns to engage with investors and raise awareness of new investment opportunities.  These communications are hyper-personalised based on investors’ current portfolios and behaviours and include information pulled into Salesforce through integration with Franklin’s enterprise data warehouse.

Some recent campaigns have been sent to audiences as small as eight — something that would not be feasible if it were not for the efficiencies and automation provided by Salesforce. Franklin Templeton worked with local Salesforce partner, Mirum India on their deployment of Salesforce. This partnership enabled deeper utilisation of the product and saw marked results, as outlined by Mihir Karkare, Co-founder and EVP, Mirum  “We have been working with the Franklin Templeton brand for close to eight years, as their social and digital agency.  Franklin Templeton have always been ahead of the game when it came to using the latest advancements in digital to achieve their business goals, and in doing this they have seen extremely effective ROI. The entire Mirum team is thrilled to have partnered with them”

Franklin Templeton is now exploring personalised video and other dynamic content for campaigns. It also wants to gain a more complete view of customers which encompasses their online and offline activities.

“Using Salesforce and technologies like artificial intelligence, we can start to talk to customers in a way that's customised and makes them feel the communication is meant only for them," said Tambawalla.


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