Genesys maps new direction for sales

Location is one of the most critical data points for creating contextual customer experiences. It’s also the cornerstone of Genesys’ business. As a trailblazing geospatial technology company, Genesys arms its customers with maps and data to underpin the new innovative and efficient services being developed. This includes capturing accurate data collected at ground level using LiDAR technology. Genesys also design complex geospatial related infrastructure for their customers.

“Many companies today have too much data,” said Rakesh Bhambhani, Chief Business Officer at Genesys. “What is critical is making geospatial data meaningful through analytics, and that’s what we do at Genesys.”

With a vision to grow with its customers and expand into new geographies, Genesys is now mapping its own journey towards an improved customer experience. It is transforming sales with Salesforce and is putting the customer first at every step of engagement.

Moving towards smart, value selling

Genesys is on the fast track to success. It has significantly automated its sales process and given sales teams the tools and data to deliver value to customers in a smarter, faster and more meaningful way. Today, the sales team can manage their customer engagements through multiple channels, in an integrated yet simpler way. This lets them spend more time in the field listening to their customers. The data they capture is available to any team member, on any device, improving collaboration across teams and in turn improving customer experience.

The ability to track deals across all stages of the process with the help of automated alerts has also paved the way for greater insight and responsiveness across teams.

“There’s much greater transparency across the entire sales cycle which helps us to make more accurate predictions about our business,” said Bhambhani.

“It’s a definite step forward as we focus on our customer first strategy and on improving deal conversion ratios. It keeps everyone focused and accountable towards our success goals,” he said.

Customer experience holds the key

Working with deployment partner SK International, Genesys has created a powerful, customer first solution on Salesforce in just two months. It is transforming the way Genesys engages with customers globally through a constant focus on listening and adding value across the entire sales cycle.

“Genesys is now looking at mapping the end-to-end customer journey. It is not just about winning deals but ensuring that customers achieve the objectives they’ve entrusted us with. The future rollout of Service Cloud, together with new service management processes will help Genesys deliver personalised support at scale. That will take us to the next level in our digital transformation and in our customer engagement.” said Bhambhani.


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