HCL Technologies

We deployed ‘Excalibur’ based on the Salesforce Sales Cloud with a remarkable 92 per cent user adoption and high sales satisfaction scores within the first month.”

Krishnan Chatterjee, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Strategic Marketing, HCL Technologies
Manoj Kumbhat, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, HCL Technologies, says: “Today’s organisations face twin challenge of transitioning from legacy to flexible platforms which can exactly meet the business requirements of competitive advantage, and robust change management processes to drive adoption of new platforms. With Excalibur, we have demonstrated our ability to lead on both parameters. We successfully moved to a cloud-based Salesforce automation platform and enabled organisation-wide transition through a world-class change management process.”

Leading the way for the technology industry

HCL technologies is a leading global technology and IT enterprise with annual revenues of US$5.2 billion, 90,190 personnel and operations spanning 31 countries as on 31st March 2014. HCL is far from reaching its growth limit, though, and its short-, medium- and long-term plans are based heavily on enhanced communication and collaboration, pivotal to which is App Cloud.

“Cloud platforms enable rapid deployment and bring performance efficiencies,” says Krishnan Chatterjee, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Strategic Marketing. “We deployed ‘Excalibur’ based on the Salesforce1 Sales Cloud with a remarkable 92 per cent user adoption and high sales satisfaction scores within the first month.”

Commenting on Excalibur’s successful launch, Apurva Chamaria, Head of Brand & Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing, HCL Technologies, says: “With clearly defined business objectives, strong leadership buy in and governance by sales and marketing business teams, we implemented the Salesforce1 Sales Cloud in a record four months, impacting 6,200+ users across 20 countries and 14 business units. It has been the close partnership between Salesforce and our internal Salesforce admin team that has underpinned the success of the program.”

A measured decision

The decision to implement App Cloud within HCL was taken after an extensive evaluation process. Prior to the implementation, the company had used a custom developed .NET application called SFA for customer record management. According to Gaurav Kakkar, Group Manager, Strategic Marketing, HCL Technologies, SFA failed to deliver a full view of the customer.

“We saw that Salesforce would give us that full view,” Gaurav says. “Of the three leading solutions we evaluated, two of them met most of our requirements in regard to governance, security, collaboration and integration with third-party applications. Importantly, Salesforce was finally selected for its well-defined roadmap for the future and great user interface.”

Integration = account intelligence

Ease of integration with third-party applications was a key factor in our successful rollout of Salesforce in the early stages, with a social contact and company enrichment database fully integrated in barely two weeks and a 3-4 per cent productivity increase as a direct result.

Guaranteed governance

Security, data integrity and adherence to processes – just three of the areas in which App Cloud has dramatically improved governance within HCL.

In security, along with the fact that Salesforce employs a world-leading multi-layered approach to data security, HCL benefits from the ability to share information between teams and individuals on a selective basis. This is being utilised extensively with cross-team collaboration efforts.

On the issue of data integrity, HCL has utilised Salesforce to enforce numerous levels of validation at time of data entry. If a new vendor record, for example, is incorrectly industry-aligned, it is automatically detected and the record either rejected or modified before being accepted. In addition, by removing individual data silos throughout the organisation and centralising all data in Salesforce, HCL has achieved an incredible 90 per cent accuracy of its master data.


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