Salesforce has become our single source of truth around customer engagement. There is not a single customer phone call made today that is not tracked in Salesforce”

Amit Saroj, Founder & CEO - Indiattitude


gain in productivity for sales reps


Indiattitude welcomes international visitors, and readies for global expansion

 “Organise a conference around any topic in India, and you will get at least 300 people interested in attending,” says Amit Saroj, Founder & CEO of Indiattitude, a leading professional conference organiser (PCO) in the country. “Thanks to the sheer numbers, there will always be a market for conference organisation here.”

Indiattitude provides turnkey solutions for conference management across the developmental, medical, government and industry association sectors. With offices in five Indian cities, the company is now implementing robust systems that can help it scale globally.

A vision for digital transformation

In its early years, Indiattitude managed conference registrations and operations manually. Sales leads and customer data were spread across different Excel databases and the team did not have a single view across all of it.

Saroj knew that he needed a solution that would help collate all data in one place, and more importantly, help to use that data effectively.

The first solution Indiattitude tried had a significant implementation timeline, which meant that the team had no access to data for a long time. Also, since it wasn’t a cloud-based solution, technical partners had to be called in for every adjustment.  And unable to integrate the CRM and ERP systems, the team could not consolidate data across sales meetings and customer interactions.   

Eventually Indiattitude moved to Tally for its financial needs but continued to look for the ideal CRM solution that would allow it to automate the sales process, collate data and provide rich analytics. When a peer recommended Salesforce to Saroj, it proved to be exactly what Indiattitude was looking for. 

Streamlined processes enable a goals driven business

“What I like about Sales Cloud is its simplicity,” says Saroj. “It’s simple to set up and work with.”

The cloud-based solution started running immediately, and within a month the whole team was working with Sales Cloud on a daily basis.

“We automated the entire sales process, from lead qualification to deal closure,” explains Saroj. The sales team uses the solution to monitor opportunity pipeline, track lead conversion, close deals faster and analyse the cost of sales. Productivity has been boosted and customer engagement improved by 30% with the automation and streamlining of the sales process.

Further, Saroj has himself customised the solution for the internal operations team. Indiattitude’s rigorous standard operating procedures (SOPs), developed over 20 years of experience, “can now be scaled to any geography and for any kind of conference.” And Salesforce is enabling this scalability.

A closed deal is converted into a project within the system, which captures all project data in one account. The operations team then works daily with Salesforce, using automated reminders for follow-ups, and task alerts and goal-setting functionality to ensure that every project is on track.

“Automation has increased the productivity of the operations team by 25%,” says Saroj, “with one person able to simultaneously manage six to seven projects.”

Scaling to new markets, driven by Salesforce

Salesforce is also enabling Indiattitude to achieve its bigger vision.   

“We build our annual strategy plans using Salesforce data and dashboards, and the tool helps us to use data in a more dynamic way each year,” exclaims Saroj. The team is disciplined about gathering and analysing all the data from Salesforce, to ensure that plans and operations are insightful and data-driven.

 “The best metric of success for me,” adds Saroj “is that Salesforce has become our single source of truth around customer engagement.  There is not a single customer phone call made today that is not tracked in Salesforce!”

The result is improved customer focus and unparalleled service delivery. With the ability to track all customer information seamlessly, team members have richer customer interactions, providing more targeted solutions for each opportunity.

“Operationally, we are now a more informed organisation and that helps us get the right information to each client at the right time,” says Saroj.

“I am confident that the system we have now has laid the foundation for us to grow globally. With our strong and well-developed SOPs, and using technology as an enabler, we have the confidence to enter new markets and scale where needed.”


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