Luxury Escapes

When your customers’ average cart size is close to $2,000 dollars, you need to be able to engage in a human way. Salesforce gives us the insights and capability to do that.”

Blake Hutchison, GM

Luxury Escapes takes sophisticated travel mainstream

Luxury Escapes is Australia’s fastest growing travel business. In less than four years, it’s brought on 2 million members and reached $200 million in annual revenue.

With a forward-thinking business model, Luxury Escapes is able to provide the best offers from an incredible collection of hotels and resort partners. It’s effectively taking luxury to the masses, leading the way with Salesforce.

“More and more travellers are seeking out luxury hotels and destinations where they feel pampered,” said Blake Hutchison, GM of Luxury Escapes. “We specialise in exactly this type of experience, providing options for every budget.”

Blazing a new trail in customer engagement

For Luxury Escapes, growth is intrinsically linked to customer insights. It needs to be smart about its customers and even smarter about how it engages them. In addition to connecting with customers via its app and email, Luxury Escapes uses social channels like Facebook Live to engage with hundreds of thousands of people online. It also holds traditional town halls across Australia.

It’s a unique marketing mix for an eCommerce business but an effective strategy for getting closer to the customer.

“We’re out there talking to our customers every single day—whether it’s face-to-face, online or over the phone. Using Salesforce, we can capture more information about their needs and then layer it with details like which offers they’ve reviewed. It helps us personalise content and campaigns and incentivise customers to book that first or second trip,” explained Hutchison.

Luxury Escapes is now serving up 15 - 20 offers each week via its website, mobile app and email. It’s also tailoring service and support to extend the VIP experience its customers expect.

“When your customers’ average cart size is close to $2,000 dollars, you need to be able to engage in a human way. Salesforce gives us the insights and capability to do that,” said Hutchison.

Business transformed and ready for take off

Luxury Escapes has also automated all of the processes surrounding the supply side of its business using Salesforce. This helps it to work smarter and faster to close deals with vendors and get new offers out to market.

There’s no stopping the Australian start-up as its sales, service and marketing continue to evolve. It’s growing exponentially year-on-year and changing the way that customers research, book, and pay for travel. With its easy to use app and a range of payment options, more than 20% of bookings are now completed via the mobile.

“We’re always thinking about how can we make the customer experience better throughout, and invest heavily in technology to achieve this,” said Adam Schwab, CEO of Lux Group and owner of Luxury Escapes. “It’s helped us create a brand that people genuinely love and are willing to promote to their friends.”


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